Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Howdy Friends!!!

I'm really sorry about the password protection, but it's for our best. Trust me!

2 more days and we'll be in Texas! I can't wait. I plan my trips to TX based on food and restaurants. Is that sad? Let's see...
Friday after landing: Pappasito's in Austin
Saturday morning: Shipley's
Saturday lunch in College Station: Wing's N More
Saturday dinner after the game: Double Dave's Pizza Rolls
Sunday breakfast: Shipley's (yes...again!)
Sunday lunch: Luby's
Sunday dinner: Rudy's BBQ or Red Robin
Monday breakfast: Shipley's (yes...AGAIN!)
Monday lunch: Pappasito's AGAIN before boarding the plane I a bit neurotic about food or what? Mmmmm, I can taste it now. My mom doesn't even bother going to the store before my visits any more. She knows we'll be eating out every meal!


Ashley said...

I'm jealous you're going to Texas. However, my family is up here with me since they were struck by Ike! They are without power at home still and have no idea when school starts again. Until then, I am loving having my mom and sister here! Is it wrong to pray that their power isn't restored for a long time???

Jonatha said...

That sounds so nice. I love vacations centered around food. We normally plan our visits around which restaurants we want to visit :) Have a great trip - see you next week!

Mel :-) said...

SOOO jealous!!!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the game and some great food!! Mmmmm Luby's mac and cheese and Rudy's sausage and smoked turkey!! :-)