Monday, September 1, 2008

Things that made me smile this week...

1. Free childcare at Ikea

2. A girl's night out with Kathryne (we went to Texas Roadhouse cause she used to live in TX too so she feels my pain of leaving the lone star state!)

3. Lexi telling me today that she's a good swimmer and can hold her breath this long (and she went under water in the tub for like 20 seconds)..."So now can I swim with Shamu mommy or do I have to wait till I'm six?"

4. Ashton got a green headed scary looking star wars creature in her happy meal this week and when I handed it to her she looked at it and said, "That you momma?"

5. An empty laundry basket!

6. the .$99 movie on dish network "The Water Horse", kind of a modern day E.T. My girls loved it and it was a very sweet family movie.

7. Taking the girls to Seaworld tonight on a whim at 6:30 and staying till they closed...on a school night! Are we rockin parents or what?

8. Getting a free meal at Seaworld and front row seats to the water/fireworks show. Don't ask how we scored that one...Blessings from above is all I can say!

9. Hearing the Aggie War Hymn and Aggie yells during the Aggie game Saturday night while listening online. Even though the Ags ran out of time, it warmed my heart to hear "MY PEOPLE" in the background!

10. Not leaving the house from 5:30 p.m. on Friday until 5:30 p.m. on Monday! Seriously!

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inluv4life said...

I just wanted to leave a note letting you know how much I enjoyed the parenting class tonight! It was great meeting you and your husband. I'm looking forward to next week.