Friday, August 1, 2008

Three Kinds of Girls...What Kind Are You?

Someone once told me that there are three kinds of girls: Those who played with baby dolls as a child, those who played with stuffed animals as a child, and those who played with barbies as a child. And I thought, "Wow, I must be so well rounded because I played with all three!" But honestly I would have to say barbies were probably my favorite from about the age of 5-11. I had the barbie dream house, the blazer, the speed boat, the hair salon, the corvette, and 2 trunks full of barbies and barbie clothes. Now, I also had a stuffed animal that traveled the country with me and slept in my bed from the age of 10 until I got married. And truth be told, that bear slept with me a few weeks ago while Cary was in Honduras. So what does all of this say about me? Well, here's my psychoanalysis...I'm not really nurturing, never have been, never will be. (Baby doll lovers tend to the be more nurturing types.) It's just not in me. In fact, when the girls get a booboo, they cry for Daddy and he doctors them up like a pro! Thank you GOD that you sent me a man who is what I'm not! Appearance is very important to me, as is fashion. I hope and pray that I'm never that person that people talk about like this: "We should submit her name to that show 'What Not to Wear'". (Although I could pretend to dress dumpy for that $5000 Visa they give people!) I'm very creative and imaginitive which may come from all those years of acting out the barbie fantasy life. Now from the stuffed animal side of me, I am a TRUE animal lover. My husband sometimes points out that I have more compassion for animals than I do for people. It's true. He wanted to bring me along on the Honduras trip to minister to all the mistreated dogs roaming the street. I would be the "Pet Pastor"!

Now my girls on the other hand, TOTAL BABY DOLL LOVERS! I don't get it! Ashton might be a little more drawn to barbie dolls than baby dolls, we'll wait and see. She's only three. But Lexi would nurture a pencil if she didn't have a baby doll in her arms. She is a natural nurturer. She started nurturing her babies before she was a year old. They also both love stuffed animals, but not like they love baby dolls.

And before you judge me for letting my girls play with barbies, let me just say, to each his own. I do not feel convicted about this issue in the least bit. I played with barbies from sun up till sun down during my childhood and I obviously don't have an obsession with having a stick figure body now do I? On the contrary! I've said it many times, I like my curves! And I think playing with barbies is a good creative release and encourages imaginative play, which is developmentally normal. But if this is a conviction for you, then you should take heed. God gives us all convictions in different areas for a reason.

Now it's your turn, what kind of girl are you? And a psychoanalysis too please! Are your daughters the total opposite or are they drawn to those same toys as you were as a child?


Ashley said...

Are you trying to rub it in that I have only had boys??

I was a baby doll type of girl. I had tons of barbies and stuffed animals too but I loved my babies. I am more nurturing I think and I believe my kids are getting that from me. They sure are lovey dovey!! Even if they are boys!! :)

God's Girl said...

Baby Doll Lover - for sure! I especially loved Cabbage Patch Dolls. My grandma even made me hand made one. She was beautiful! I definitely think I'm the nurturing type.:)

laytonfamily said...

I had 2 cabbage patch dolls, but I also had a ton of barbies I loved to cut their hair! I had a ton of stuffed animals that played with the barbies.

my son doesn't play with barbies - he (used to) play with his superhero toys, which are a different version than barbies - but he also includes his stuffed animals like I did.

Girl, who cares what you let your kids play with - that's YOUR business, and it's between you and God how y'all raise your children. I can't stand those busy bodies that have to condemn other parents for how they're not raising their children - scripture by scripture or outright heathens!

Can't we all just get along! I think you're a funny, great, curvy mom! Well done!!

circus of love said...

I had 2 dolls that I remember playing with a lot until my fifth Christmas and I got 5 Barbies and the Barbie Townhouse. Donnie Osmond was the boy Barbie or Ken and along with the blonde girls I got some kind of dark skinned big boned singer "Barbie" doll. My Barbies got married and had babies. I suppose all of them married the same guy at one point but it was always a different imaginative story line. I was meticulous with my Barbies. I always kept their hair braided so they didn't get tangled and always kept their clothes in the special Barbie clothing carrying case. Then my sister cut all their hair and my brother took their heads off. Man, I so would have passed them down to my girls.

I love that my oldest daughter can walk down the Barbie aisle and differentiate between the modest and immodest Barbies. She actually says "We can't get that one because she isn't modest."

My mom was not about to pay for a Cabbage Patch doll when I was a kid and bought somekind of kit and made one for my sister and I.
My girls play with the cheap baby dolls. Not like those nice ones we saw at the store, Heather. We tried to break Cheney of this awful looking doll and replace it with a cute more expensive Cabbage Patch Preemie too no avail. This weekend I asked the kids to go through their toys and take out the ones they wanted to get rid of. In that trash bag were both of the girls Cabbage Patch dolls. Our Oldest did keep all of her Barbies, though.

circus of love said...

Will you nominate me for the What Not to Wear??? Or at least train me in the ways of style!!

kristi said...

I played with baby dolls and dollhouses. I had stuffed animals, but I think the dolls I liked better. Our daughter loves baby dolls.

Nickel Mom said...

Baby Dolls...I am totally nurturing and so is my daughter. I also enjoyed and looks, etc...still do. :o) My daughter is the exact same as I....for better or worse! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

PS...Cadillac is cool for me...I'm all about HOT weather, but it was nice to wear jeans and a sweatshirt for a change. It was in the high 80's though the whole time. Everyone else thought it was plenty warm and the weather really was pretty. I just get really cold easy, so that was the reason for the sweatshirt. I still wear socks and long pants to bed in FL too...and I have my AC set at 80!! :o)