Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet The Teacher

Today, we attended Meet the Teacher for both girls and WOW! I am so excited and relieved and happy and peaceful about the upcoming school year. Lexi's kindergarten teacher...AMAZING. She's an older lady, looks to be in her 60's but fun and enthusiastic and energetic and a bit crazy like a kindergarten teacher should be. Her classroom was beautiful. It was what every kindergartener would love. It was creative, colorful, professional, warm and inviting, fun, CLEAN, organized, beautifully decorated, and full of opportunities to explore and learn. It totally exceeded my aesthetic standards. The school mascot is a bear and the school color is green. So the teacher had a plush, soft, fuzzy teddy bear with a green balloon at every child's seat for them to take home with them. There were cookies and milk. Even the private classroom bathroom was beautifully decorated with rugs and flowers and wall hangings and was very kid friendly. There was a kindergarten sized playground right outside the classroom door. I could not have been more pleased. I love it that her teacher is "seasoned", not that there is anything wrong with young teachers. I was a young teacher. But for some reason, it just feels so comforting to know that my child will be taught phonics and reading and the basic fundamentals of mathematics from a seasoned veteran who has a ton of experience and who probably does things the old fashion way, which is the best way in my opinion!

So after meeting Lexi's teacher and JOINING THE PTA (I didn't waste any time) we headed over to Ashton's school to meet her teacher. It turns out that she is going to preschool 3 days a week rather than 2 days a week from 9-noon. It was sort of a little mess up by the director, but after we thought about it all day, we felt like maybe it wasn't really a mistake after all. Maybe it was God's way of handling things for us because He knows best. With Lexi in school, I think Ashton will really enjoy being at school 3 days a week to be around friends and play. And with Cary starting his seminary classes on Mondays, that means he'll have to work on Fridays and I also have to work on Fridays because that's the day I print the church bulletins. SO...all that said, this way I can work with Ashton in school and it just works out better with our schedules. Ashton's teacher too was so wonderful. She's probably about my age or maybe a little older. Ashton was so shy when we walked in, but within about 2 minutes, her teacher was down on the floor with her playing and giving fishy kisses (don't ask) and Ashton was laughing and hugging all over her. Ironically, I met a lady at the park this evening whose daughter also had Ashton's teacher a few years ago and she said she was WONDERFUL for helping shy children come out of their shells. She made them feel so comfortable and she said her daughter just blossomed so much that year. So I was very pleased to hear such rave reviews. Ashton seemed to connect with her immediately.

So all in all, it was a wonderful day! God answered my prayers perfectly! I prayed that He would match up my children to the teacher who would be just right for them. And He did! So in 3 short days, the 2008-2009 school year will begin. And I think we're ready...bring it on!


Mel :-) said...

Glad the 'Meet the Teacher' night went so well! We are excited about getting back into the school routine too, though we have a few weeks of summer yet. My Girls will be in Kinder and Pre-K too, how fun! :-) I think when I go back to teaching I want to teach kindergarten again, it was so much fun!

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