Monday, August 11, 2008

The Little Aggie That Was

This is "Aggie". She was our puppy. For 3 days. Aggie was very naughty. Aggie was more like a longhorn or a Texas Tech red raider, not an Aggie. Cause Aggies are made of 100% goodness. Aggie was not good. Aggie was a puppy. 100% puppy. Aggie is not an Aggie any more.
Okay, so now really, this is Aggie. Isn't she cute? Oh how looks can be deceiving. We had this CRAZY idea that our girls really needed a dog of their very own because you see, Candice, the dalmatian, is MY dog, I mean my girl. She only likes me. She doesn't like children. Or cats. Or husbands. But she's truly my baby. And my children LOVE animals. Lexi wants a baby brother so badly and I thought well, puppy, baby, same thing really. And with a puppy I don't have to be pregnant! Perfect! Let's get a puppy. Okay, the next time I have a crazy idea like this, somebody slap me. I need a puppy like I need a whole in my head. So we have a new rule in this house. From this point forward, we have a 2 child, 2 pet, 2 husband limit! oops, did I say that? I told Cary that last night. He said, "2 husbands huh?" I said, "Yes! I would like to have one husband to give us love and sleep in my bed and one husband to tackle my never ending honey-do list." And he said, "Can I be the husband in your bed?" To which I replied, "Well, it appears as though you're already qualified since you haven't touched my honey do list in 3 months! He thought it was funny. I wasn't kidding. You know, I think the polygomists are on to something!


Nickel Mom said...

So funny! I share your pain! My Charlie is a puppy and I think it's HARDER to take care of than a baby!! (other than the pregnancy part) They sure are cute and steal your heart and then BAM!!!...disaster all over the house!! :(

I would love to see a picture of your dalmation and your puppy together! :O)

Lisa said...

LOL!!  That is why we aren't getting a new dog for a long time!!

circus of love said...

awww!!! aggie was so cute. but i am with you on no more things to take care of...except we are going to try a butterfly and tadpole this year. I heard yesterday someone's tadpole grew in to a frog that lived 7 years. so when we go on trips can you watch our frog? ha,ha!