Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daddy's Home

I didn't blog about Daddy being out of town because you never know what crazy person is reading. I mean, I don't know what I'm afraid of. I sleep with a freakin baseball bat and I'm NOT afraid to use it! Uh huh, don't mess with me! But Daddy was gone Wednesday-Saturday, which just about put me over the edge. If you're wondering how I've done on Weight Watchers this week, well, all I can say is, Daddy's been out of town! I never knew I was an emotional eater. I always thought I just LOVED food. But apparently I'm a stress eater. Actually, I feel the need to indulge as soon as a great deal of stress is over and has passed. For example, EVERY NIGHT this week after I'd finally get the girls in bed, I'd help myself (shakily) to a big bowl of fat free chocolate ice cream (at least it was fat free) and a nice big glass of coke! I didn't count points all week. And yesterday after he got home, and feeling relieved from the stress of the week, I said "PLEASE take me to eat pizza!" And we did. And I ate. And ate. And ate. Oh well, there were small victories throughout the week. One day I took the girls to dairy queen for lunch and I only ate a grilled chicken salad with fat free Italian dressing, unsweet tea, and NO ice cream! Today at Chili's, I had the cedar plank Talapia with veggies and unsweet tea when what I really wanted were the Quessadillas and a coke. I'm trying to remind myself that this is going to be a life-long process. I didn't put on this weight over night and it's not coming off over night. Eating healthier has to be a way of life and making better food choices has to become a habit, which takes time.

I've been so emotional lately. I don't know why. Actually I do. But it's not something I'd like to pour onto a blog entry for all 5 of you to read! One thing I can share that has be a bit in tears is that my baby is going to kindergarten orientation this week! Boohooo! Up until now I've been so excited about her going to school. But I think these emotions are very normal. It's so final, that her toddler years are over. I think that's what I'm partly mourning about. The days of mommy and me hanging out and playing and going to fun places all day are over. This is it. She's a big girl now! And I can't believe it!

Oh, on a happier note Cary rented a Yukon for Junior Camp, which is where he's been this week. And it's not due back till 7 a.m. so I drove it to church today. HOLY COW! I'm in love! It's such a sweet ride. I just want to keep it. I asked him if we could just turn in my Explorer to the rental car place tonight and keep the Yukon and just play dumb like, "What do you mean we're turning in the wrong car? No, really, we rented this Explorer from you, really we did." Yeah. That probably won't work. A girl can dream.


laytonfamily said...

I told you I'm an emotional eater too - and my hubby travels every other week! That's WHY I can't shed pregnancy lbs - really, yeah I promise, really?! no - it's lack of self control?? shoot - and that's a fruit of the spirit.

I know how you feel about kindergarten, we put Jake in pre-K last year (end of pregnancy and having the baby) - I cried walking him to class with his backpack and lunch box. I kept saying, "this can not be happening". Good luck this week, I'll be praying for ya!

Kim said...

I've been to counseling for emotional eating (most recently-this year with other issues). It is an ugly, nasty habit that forever keeps me enslaved to me.

Everyday is a new day... You can do nothing good outside of Christ.

circus of love said...

It is so hard when Daddy is gone!!! Well...I am pretty sure I gained back all that I lost last week. With the baby sick and getting up 3 and 4 times I keep thinking if I eat it will help keep me awake. Doesn't work but I still keep doing it.
I missed you this week. I hate it when one of the kids is sick. We were at your church for the 8 a.m. service. I checked out the wesite to remind myself of the service times...IT LOOKS GREAT!! GOOD JOB, GIRL!!!

kristi said...

I think I just feel safer when hubby is home & I think the house is more normal when he is not traveling. I can see a difference in our kids when he is home, too. But, that is his job to have to be gone some and at least he doesn't travel like he used to and can do a lot of his work from home.

It is hard seeing your kid go to is hard to remember that it is the next step for them as they grow. We are excited for ours as he goes to pre-k this fall, but there is part of me that is sad, too....b/c that means he will HAVE TO GO 5 DAYS A WEEK NEXT YEAR....ARGH!!!!!