Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The lump in my throat that won't go away...

Today we attended kindergarten orientation at Lexi's school. I was filled with so many emotions. That lump in the back of my throat just about burst at one point. She, on the other hand, was so excited I thought her little head might actually pop off her neck and do a little happy dance all the way to the school cafeteria! We learned all about the procedures for dropping off, picking up, what a typical day might be like, etc etc. AND THEN...the PTA was kind enough to offer snacks in the cafeteria line so that the kids could actually practice going through the line, getting a tray, putting food on it, opening their own food, and throwing their trash away. I thought, there's no way she's gonna go for this. I was wrong. She got right up and walked over to get in line with all the other kids and did everything just perfectly and then came and sat back down next to me. I guess I should have known...I mean, there was food involved! A girl after my own heart!

Several things amazed me today at orientation:
1. These people truly care about kids! I don't know why that amazed me. I was a teacher after all. But I've never been on the other end of this whole thing. It's funny how perception changes everything. They kept saying how they purposefully watch for the little ones those first two weeks in the bus line, wandering about campus, to help them out and keep them safe. The cafeteria policy is that no one leaves without eating, even if they don't have a lunch or lunch money. Little things like that I never really thought about as a teacher. But now I'm a mommy!
2. All you homeschoolers please don't flip...As I was looking at their daily schedule, I thought is this REALLY enough time to learn all they need to learn? Is 8:45-3:15 really enough time? That schedule is SO full, I don't know how they accomplish anything! For example, I kind of assumed that kindergarten was pretty much immersed with phonics and reading readiness type of instruction, but that's only the first tiny part of their day! I know she'll do fine and I've been told she'll be reading by the end of the year! So we'll see!
3. On the list of things they should know BEFORE starting kindergarten was "knowing most letters and sounds" and reality hit me that kindergarten is not what it used to be! And thank God for pre-k!
4. There is no more "recess". It's now organized play also called P.E. Kind of sad, but also kind of good. I mean honestly, as a teacher, that's when most kids got in trouble was at recess. It's the only way they can get the state mandated weekly hours of P.E. into the jam-packed schedule I was talking about!
5. Technology is AMAZING! Now you can log onto a website and load up your child's lunch money account so they'll never be without lunch money. And when it gets down to $5, it automatically deducts more from your checking account. It also allows you to put a spending limit on them every day so they don't just go crazy through the lunch line, and it also allows you to pre-determine how many a la carte items they purchase. GENIUS!
6. I can't get over how independent school will make her! Just today, going through that lunch line by herself. If you could have seen this child 2 years ago stuck to my leg like glue everywhere she went!! Amazing!

Overall, I had a very good feeling about everything today. I know that lump will dissolve once we get into the swing of things. I just don't know where the time has gone! It's about to be a whole new lifestyle for us. Waking up early to pack lunch, make breakfast, iron clothes, bathe and dress everyone, wait a minute, I already do all of that! But I guess I'm not really used to having to be somewhere by 8:45 with all of that done. Preschool started at 9 and that was just 3 days a week. This is EVERY DAY! I think I need a wife!


laytonfamily said...

what are you talking about - I have a lump in my throat just reading about YOUR daughter!

kristi said...

We went to Pre-k orientation last week....can't believe they are old enough for this?!?!?!?!?!?! We are excited for ours, but also can't believe it is already time. Seems like we were just pregnant with them, huh?!?!?!