Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Hairicane Party

Okay, so Fay never made it to big, bad hurricane status, I mean hairicane status. We were hoping to have a hurricane party today with school out and Cary's office closed. The palm trees out front are blowing so hard, they look like they could just uproot any minute and the rain is pelting on our driveway. Okay, KIDDING! Fay. What a joke. Well, I know the nitty gritty part of the storm hasn't gotten here yet, but I'm not sure there IS a nitty gritty part from watching all the coverage. In fact, Lexi just asked if we could go for a bike ride before the "hairicane" comes. Uh, it's here. This is it kiddo. And then she asked if she could have a 2nd pack of chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and when I said, "No, you may have a piece of fruit or something healthy" she said, "WHAT KIND OF HAIRICANE PARTY IS THIS?" We've already decided if we lose power, we're going to Disney World. The lights are ALWAYS on at Disney! Seriously. I heard that after the last hurricane, the power was back on at Disney almost immediately. Not surprising. Well, we have our batteries and candles and bottles of water and I was really hoping for a spectacular show by mother nature, but so far...Nothin! Some kind of hairicane party! This is sleeping weather. But not like my girls are going to sleep. Although...Benadryl anyone? Is that sniffle I hear?


Ashley said...

I think we're having worse weather than you are and we're no where near Hairicane Fay! She will never make it up to Oklahoma!

I'm with you, head to Disney World. I bet they don't even discount prices on days like this.

Jonatha said...

I think I just heard a sniffle from one of my girls - or maybe that was just wishful thinking about using our benadryl?

circus of love said...

I can't get my kids to nap today...UGH!!! It is a perfect snuggle in bed day. We did do a weather craft...sunny verses cloudy weather.

laytonfamily said...

since we still have electric - we decided to go to Blockbuster and get some videos because it's a movie day.

And your daughter is right - what type of hairicane party has fruit!? Kids say the funniest things.