Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snakes, Killer Whales & Root Canals

Earlier in the week, we were swimming happily in the community pool when Lexi suddenly gasped, "MOMMY...SNAKE!!!" I was frozen in fear and afraid to look. So I didn't. At least not until we were all OUT of the pool. Then I looked. It was about 12 feet long, about 5 inches around. I'm kidding. Does it really matter how big it was? I caught a snake people. Who cares how little, I mean how big it was. Okay, it was about 2 feet long. The thickness of my pinky finger. But I'm sorry, a snake is a snake. Can I get an amen? I don't care if it was little and probably not poisonous, 'guilty by association' is my disclaimer. So I, yes me, woman who is deathly afraid of round things that sliver, that would be ME, caught the snake with my 2 bare hands. Okay, not really. I used the 10 foot long rescue pole. But give me a little credit. Do you know how hard it is to get a round thing that slivers onto a round thing that moves? Do you? I didn't think so. I wrestled with the lil fella, I mean GREAT BIG monster snake for about 30 minutes and was finally victorious. I did not kill it. I don't kill animals. Well, I eat animals. But I don't kill animals. Sounds very hypocritical of me. Anyways, when it was all said and done, Lexi said, "Good work Mom!" Yeah. Thanks dear. And about 5 seconds later a big burly man came to the pool with his little girls. I said, "WHY, WHY could you not have come 30 minutes ago???!!!"

And from snakes to killer whales. So we were swimming happily in the pool the other day and Lexi said, "MOM, KILLER WHALE!" No I'm kidding. Yesterday we went to Seaworld, which my kids happen to think is better than Disney. Cause they've got LIVE animals y'all. Not men wearing animal costumes. We did go the Disney Animal Kingdom once. Was there for 3 hours. Didn't see one cotton pickin animal. At least, not a LIVE animal. Okay but back to Killer Whales and such. We had the best time. It was just me and the girls. The weather was AWESOME! Cloudy, overcast, probably about 89 degrees, breezy. We stayed for about 4 hours and saw some shows we had never seen before. If you haven't seen the Pets Ahoy show, YOU MUST! It was so good. All of the animals in the show were adopted from the SPCA and they were so amazing. And Shamu was spectacular as usual. Shamu wasn't adopted from the SPCA. Well, you know. You can't visit Seaworld without seeing Shamu even if you have seen it like 3 times in the past month. We saw dolphins fighting. That was pretty neato. Must have been sisters.

And today, we went to a new indoor bounce house place in Orlando called the Kangaroom. Have I mentioned I'm trying to make this last week before school really fun and special and full of over the top fun??? It was really fun. We went with some friends and the girls had the best time. It was very clean and safe. I would highly recommend it. And while we were having fun, Daddy was having a root canal done. He has been in pain the last few weeks. We were hoping it would just be a cavity needing a filling, but nope, a root canal was necessary. He said they worked on him for THREE HOURS. Thank goodness we had saved a big chunk of our IRS stimulus check. It came in handy today. Dental insurance paid half. Thank goodness for dental insurance.

Tomorrow morning is Meet the Teacher for both girls. I have to be at Lexi's school at 9 and Ashton's school at 10:15. It's the last official day of summer! Boohoohoo. I can't believe it.


Stephanie said...

Wow! That's a week before school that none of you will forget. I can not believe you caught a snake...your new title: TExas Aggie Snake Catcher in Florida! I couldn't have done it I don't think. Good luck on Monday...I have one year to go to be in your shoes.

Nickel Mom said...

You are my HERO!! I am calling you to come and get my snakes! I'm sure that one will be back, since we didn't get it! eeh!
Good Luck with school next week! :o)