Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blue Like Jazz

It's no secret. I'm a NON-READER! Says so right there on my little bloggity profile. Yes, sad to say, I'm a former school teacher with a degree in education and an emphasis in READING and I'm a non-reader! How does that work? Well, I'm only a non-reader because truthfully, most books just downright bore me silly. Maybe it's because I'm just so intellectual and they don't stimulate me enough. Yeah. That's it! I should move before lightening strikes me.
However...this book, Blue Like Jazz, written by a personal friend of mine, a childhood friend that I grew up with, attended school with and attended church with, named Donald Miller, made me become a READER, even if only temporarily. My memories of Donald are that he was such a fun, easy going guy, a deep thinker even back then, kind of a cut up, someone who always made us laugh. His mom is a jewel! She's really quite funny herself and very intelligent as well and has an incredible heart for children's ministry. She is a neat lady. I was actually quite honored to receive an email from her last week. She had tracked me down after I made a post on a don miller fan site and wanted to get in touch with my mom.
This book! Oh this book! LOVED IT!!!! You have no idea how badly I needed to read this book. I struggle, being a pastor's wife, with the area of feeling constantly judged and condemned by others. Not even necessarily from church members. I feel often like since I'm a pastor's wife, that we live in a glass house. Blogging probably doesn't help as I lay my life out there on the web for all the world to see! I often feel that my kids are supposed to turn out perfectly, that people are always watching to see what we do and don't do. Granted, most of that is probably internal and most people probably could care less what we do and don't do! But this book really helped to set me free from some of those feelings. Donald is so candid about his spirituality and I love it! This book was so ME! I wanted to yell AMEN and give a standing ovation after every chapter. I told my husband, I think this book should be a required reading for all pastors, and anyone who calls themself a "Christian". It's THAT good! I got it for about $5 bucks at the Christian Bookstore. And I'm ready to run right out and get another don miller book. I think my old friend just became my favorite writer.
Oh I love this quote off of one of his sites, in reference to this book he says..."permission to be human and to interact with God without all of the mind-melt that comes with growing up in a religious family." Have I mentioned how much I loved this book???


laytonfamily said...

I liked Searching for God Knows What a bit better. so glad to hear the teacher is reading! ;p

Nickel Mom said...

I'm not a reader either (also former teacher), because I can't sit still long enough. I don't think I've ever seen a whole movie all the way through either. I usually have to be doing something husband gets annoyed when we're watching a movie. :(
Sounds like a great book though! I'm going to check it out! I love reading books that are recommended! Thanks! :O)

Kim said...

Loved Blue Like Jazz and was very excited to hear that he was coming to B'ham to speak. And so I went to hear him and, pooh, didn't like to listen to his politics. So, don't go to hear him speak-just read the book.

It IS good.

tales_from_the_crib said...

we did a sermon series on this book a whiles ago...we liked it too.