Monday, May 12, 2008

Shout to the Lord...huh?

This morning on the way to school, Lexi was singing her praises to our King like she does all day every day. Melts my heart! The girl loves her some Jesus songs! This morning the radio wasn't even on, but she was just singing out, making a joyful noise..."Shout to the Lord all the earth, lettuce ping, showers and raises we sing..." okay so that's her version, she fills in the words with what she THINKS they are singing and it's too darn cute to correct her.

But all the sudden she stopped singing and she said, "Mommy, is that naughty?"

"Is what naughty baby?"

"Is it naughty to shout to the Lord?"

I was trying not to laugh. Children are so innocent and take things so literally. It's just precious! So we had a talk about what it means to "shout to the Lord" and then she carried on with her song.


tales_from_the_crib said...

lettuce ping, huh?
good to know

Rhonda said...

I am gonna have to send this over to Darlene. :)

mom2iande said...

Cute...funny how they think the words to a song go!