Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ballet Recital

Lexi had her ballet recital this past Sunday during church. I think I've mentioned that she took lessons this past semester from a girl in our church who only charges a fraction of the amount it would cost to take from a studio and she's GREAT and is awesome with the kids! Since 3 of the girls already had tutus from Lexi & Ashton's birthday party, we thought it would be cute to just make a few more for the other girls, all different colors and that's what they danced in. So my tutu making skills were put to the test yet again, but they all turned out so cute and the girls did a great job!


Rhonda said...

I wish I could have seen that! You better have a you tube post coming or something. :)

mom2iande said...

That is great! Love the tutus on all the girls. Cute, cute, cute!