Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow???

I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!! I have a friend in town from Texas. Let me say that again. I have a friend in town from Texas. Did you hear that all you friends in Texas? You CAN come visit me, you know! Southwest Airlines flies both ways! I live in the entertainment capital of the world! I have a guest room! Hint Hint. My friend even left her husband and baby at home to come visit me. Did you hear that all you friends in Texas that have husbands and babies? She did bring her 4 yr old, who is having a blast with my girls. So all you friends in Texas, book your flights. Make your reservations at the Texas Aggie's Bed and Breakfast. (But please don't come June-September. I love you all dearly, but it's WAY too hot for me to show you a good time!)


mom2iande said...

You are too funny! We are coming in December! A good friend from church that knew us when we were single & BC (before children), is coming, too. She goes about once a year...this time, we will be able to ride stuff together while the kids stay with her.

I heard the Simpsons ride is open at Universal....we have some free flights on SW and hotel points. We were just talking about that last night.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure planes take you out of Texas? I thought all roads and planes lead to Texas.

Enjoy Disney.

Rachel said...

Can we make reservations for October??? : )

Ashley said...

Do you take reservations from people you don't really "know" but who are originally from Texas but now live in Oklahoma??? If so, great...I'll let you know when we're coming but I think it will have to be after the baby is born! :)