Monday, May 5, 2008


Today was Lexi's class field trip to Gatorland in Orlando. Definitely an attraction everyone should see when they visit! You gotta go once in your life! Lexi loved the gators! She's just becoming a regular zoologist/entomologist! At the souvenir shop, she had her choice of anything and she picked a plastic snake that's about 4 ft long. And against my better judgement, that's what we came home with. She has carried that snake around all afternoon. But she did tape its mouth shut, like they did to some of the gators today. I thought that was pretty funny.


Karen said...

My mom lives in South Georgia and she has those in her backyard practically!! Aren't they creepy?? My kids think they are COOL!! Not something you see everyday!! Glad you had fun!

Mel :-) said...

What a fun field trip for kids! :-) I have to admit though...I am not a alligator/snake fan myself!! When we lived in Florida I was so scared of alligators after Ben saw one on the golfcourse!! :-o
Glad she had fun!!

mom2iande said...

That looks fun....Florida fun! If I come to Florida, I am going to WDW or Universal. I will let Lexi keep the gators!!!