Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Tamales!

We went to Disneyworld today and it was HOT! Hot tamales! Africa hot! Steamy hot! I have a splitting headache from the heat and I drank a TON of water and haven't peed since 10:00 this morning. It's almost midnight! Is that scary? We had a great time, despite the heat. And crowds. And crowds. And more crowds. As we got into the park, you know it's the year of a million dreams (for the second year in a row, is that funny to anyone else?) And this park employee came up to us and asked if our girls would like to go to the VIP room to meet some princesses and take some pictures. Well, duh! Who wouldn't want that! So she set up an appointment for us and we got over there all excited but it was just ONE princess (do I sound like an ungrateful brat) and that was Cinderella. I mean, I guess it was nice and all because we didn't have to wait in line and got to take unlimited pictures with her. But we had to walk clear to the other side of the park for that. In the heat. And crowds. But a good time was had by all. We only had a few meltdowns today at the "Happiest Place on Earth".

And while I was there, I thought to myself, this place hasn't changed like EVER, I mean I think the employees are even wearing the same costumes they wore 30 years ago. But yet, people pay an absurd amount of money to go over and over and over again and it's the "vacation of a lifetime" and all. And it made me think about the local church. Your church, my church, every Christian church. We are working so hard to update and be culturally relevant and be with the times in order to attract people, yet so many are still not attracted. In fact, so many are completely turned off to church, to God, to Christianity in general. And yet Disney does nothing to change in 30 years and it's the "place to be". They have NOTHING to say, but can say it in so many ways. The church has EVERYTHING to say, yet so often we don't know how to say it.

Sorry to get all deep on ya, but it was something in my head today.


circus of love said...

So when do we start putting Tea Cups in the local church? Ha,ha! It makes me think about how John often says...We have to talk about nothing before we can talk about something. So often at the local church we don't spend time with people just talking...about nothing really, just getting to know them before we hit them with the really serious stuff. Disney has mastered the art of talking about nothing. Maybe we need to take notes. Just a thought.

{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

HEY girl... we want to go to Disney next year in May... I can't wait! (hot or not!) Maybe you can fill me in on the ins and outs... ~ kim

mom2iande said...

You are funny....I have to agree about the heat. We have been at different times of the year. Even December is warm - so just think about August and those poor characters in costume! Ugh!

Disney - When Walt was alive, he once had a dream that no one would come to his park one day and it would be empty (sad, huh?). We all know that is not true...but he had a rough start with Disney. His Oswald Rabbit was stolen from him and that is when he re-created Oswald into Mickey Mouse and then it all started with the mouse from there. Basically, the park is the same, but because of Walt's dream, that is why they change the park up with seasons & celebrations and add new rides. Walt wanted a place for families to come and enjoy together. I don't know why, but I think of that every time we fly to Orlando and go...that he did that for families.

That is true about churches...maybe we should have a teacup ride and get to know each other while spinning or something.

You know, that Walt also intended to build a town and maybe there would have been churches done Disney-style. I have always thought that he probably intended to even have a children's hospital where Alice, Pinocchio, and Cinderella made visits and the children felt better instantly. I would have loved to be a nurse there...caring for children with Disney. The childrens' hospital I am at does have some Disney characters come by from the Children's Opera and the sick kids love it!

Here is a link or two of vintage disney photos you will find interesting. It shows how Disney has changed over the years...I love looking at some of these...

tales_from_the_crib said...

so mickey should clearlyish be part of the church curiculums! :) or, you know we should go on a churchity trip to disneys? sorry it was all hot for you, but at leasts you can go sometimes when not everyone on earth is theres, living near it and all.

aggieang said...

We had a great time. Thanks for opening your home! Hot or not, we still had a blast and built great memories for Pay Pay.
Lov Ya,