Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Finally Got Polled

Do you ever see those crazy political polls on the evening news and wonder where on earth they find so many liberal people??? I've always wondered, How come I never get polled? I must be too "normal", to "mainstream" cause those kind of people never get polled apparently! I vote in like EVERY election and not once have I been polled on my political views! It's kind of like all the crazy negative media attention public schools get. And every time I hear one of those stories I'm like WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE SCHOOLS? Cause from 1st-12th grade and again all through college, I attended public schools. And I taught in public schools and tutored in public schools for 10 years! And I've never seen the kind of stuff that makes its way onto the news and Focus on the Family! But, chasing rabbits...on with my other soap box...I FINALLY GOT POLLED Y'ALL! I did! They asked me all about Hillary and health care and Obama and the war and how I feel about women in the presidential cabinet and everything I've always wanted to answer in a political poll! And I know you're all just dying to know how I answered those questions. Well, that would be so politically incorrect to share my views. Just know that I scored one for all the "NORMAL" voters out there!

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Karen said...

Thank goodness there are some "normal" people out there! I wonder sometimes!