Friday, May 23, 2008

Is it a full moon??? Anyone???

Is it just me, or are your kids crazy lately too? I don't know WHAT is going on but my kids have been in trouble morning, noon, and night lately. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on in our lives and I don't think it's ME that's acting differently. Seems like every time they go through a phase like this, I later discover there was a full moon. Or at least, I'll use any excuse I can get!

Gotta run...we're going to our old house to move our swing set over FINALLY. Maybe they can go outside now and get all that energy out on the swingset. Last night, I was asking Lexi what she was thankful for at dinner. Long story, we had turkey and dressing, which makes me want to give thanks! Anyhoo, she said she was thankful for her toys and I said, "SO AM I!"

Oh and I'm on a quest to win a vacation! My friend, Angela, who came to visit a few weeks ago told me about the Beaches resorts where they have all the Sesame Street stuff for kids. AMAZING!!!! I checked out their website today (just to dream, not like we could afford it) and I entered to win a vacation. You should enter too and if you win, maybe we can go together! I've been praying for a dreamy tropical vacation! I know God is not my geenie in a bottle or anything, but surely He wants me to have a vacation every now and then right? That's Biblical! Resting is Biblical! So if you come across any "enter to win a free vacation" sites, please send them my way! I have a feeling that's the only way I'll get a REAL vacation is to win one!

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Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO!!!! We can swing again. I am so glad Daddy is going to get it for the girls...They love to play outside and they love to swing.

Full moons makes lots of things and people crazy.