Thursday, May 1, 2008

Did you Know...

Did you know that lemon juice will make you die? That's what Lexi told me tonight. She told a lie in the car on the way home. She had a bandaid and Ashton had a bandaid, but Lexi stole Ashton's bandaid and then pretended to not know where it was! (Are anyone else's kids obsessed with bandaids??? We go through a box a week! You'd think they were candy!) Anyways, when I discovered that she had lied to me I told her she would be getting her punishment when she got home. I wanted her to think about how awful of a punishment it might be ALL THE WAY HOME! Remember when your parents did that to you? Sometimes thinking about the punishment for a long time was much worse than the actual punishment!

So when we got close to home, she asked, "Momma, do you know what my punishment will be yet?"

And I replied, "Yes, baby. I do know. You're getting lemon juice on your tongue for telling sour words with a sour attitude. There was silence. And more silence.

"Well, okay, but Momma, you DO know that lemon juice will make me die so I guess I'm gonna die!"

Then I said, (while holding back a chuckle) "You're not gonna die. You might wish you died when I give you a swig of lemon juice, but you're not gonna die! I assure you!"

So we got home and Lexi went straight to the refrigerator and got out the lemon juice and brought it to me as if to say, "Go ahead, let's get this over with!" So I gave her a dab on her tongue and my child who normally CRINGES at the mere thought of a lemon said, "Mmmmm, that's good stuff Mommy!"

"Oh really, should I get out the hot sauce instead?"

And she immediately said, "I mean, I HATE lemon juice!"

And then we had lemonade and talked about how much better it tastes than lemon juice just like sweet and kind words are much more pleasant to hear than sour, ugly, mean words. And then there was a big lovefest and we all hugged and kissed and said how much we loved each other and how I might could win that mother of the year award and all!

Oh and on a sidenote, Ashton (adamantly) wore panties from 2:00 p.m. till 9:00 tonight! And she was at church for most of that time. YEA!!!! Why can't she insist on giving up her paci like she insists on wearing panties?


Ashley said...

Hey my kid still wont poop in the potty!! He waits until he gets a diaper on at night (because there is NO way I'm letting him sleep in underwear at night yet) and poops then. He'll tell me when he has to pee even if he has a diaper on but oh no, he insists on pooping in his diaper!! I finally started taking toys away when he does this but I think he knows he'll eventually get them back if he just waits it out!!!

You'll totally get the mother of the year award while I'll probably get worst mother of the year award because I tell me three year old if he doesn't start pooping in the potty he'll have to start sleeping in a crib again with the other babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the words of wisdom - that's making lemonade out of lemons! Way to go mom!


Stephanie said...

I hate it when they outsmart us like that!