Saturday, December 8, 2007

Texas Tree/"Mommy, Watch This"/Pray For Me Tomorrow...

My two lil' cowgirls, helping us decorate the tree! That cowboy hat is now our tree topper and YES, we did say the pledge to the Texas flags as we put them on the tree!

A mixture of total what describes this post.

1. Hear ye hear tree is decorated! After standing bare in my living room for the past week, it has finally been adorned with total "Texas-ness". The first year we were married, Cary and I walked into a chick-fil-a one Saturday morning for breakfast and their tree totally spoke to us. Not really. But I thought it heard it scream, "YOU NEED A TREE LIKE ME IN YOUR HOUSE!" It had red bandanas, rafia bows, chili peppers, and a cowboy hat on top. We immediately decided we wanted to have a Texas tree. So we went to Hobby Lobby and it must have been fate because all of the ornaments were 50% off and there were a ton of Texas ornaments. We also bought some Texas bluebonnets, yellow roses of Texas, some small Texas flags, and some red bandanas. And for the past 7 years, we've had a Texas tree, the ornaments growing in number each year. Oh yes, we have armadillos, cowbells, boots, chili pepper stars, lots of Aggie ornaments, rafia bows, and our cowboy hat on top with a pair of cowboy boots underneath on top of the tree skirt. And who knew that one day we would be living outside of Texas, which just makes our tree all the more special! So we decorated the tree while listening to Country Christmas music. You know, had to stick with the theme!

I know you can't tell, but there are red lights on it. I guess my flash made them disappear. This tree sort of has a funny Charlie Brown kind of shape to it. Oh well! It really is cute. The pictures don't do it justice.

I spy a yellow rose of Texas, a cowboy hat, 3 bluebonnets, two raffia bows, a cactus, and armadillo, a chili pepper, and ??? I don't know what else I see.

2. Lexi's latest trick...she says, "Mommy, watch this" as she leaves the room in a huff angry about something. She wants to make sure I SEE HER WITH MY EYES as she shows her attitude about things. Here's an example. Ashton got the last container of yogurt because Lexi was busy chowing down on corn. And when she asked for yogurt and I explained it was all gone she said, "Mommy, watch this" and she stormed off to her room with her bottom lip poked out. Hillarious! Four going on fourteen!

3. PRAY FOR ME TOMORROW as my little 4, 5, and 6 year old hand bell players perform at church tomorrow night. LORD, HELP ME! I'm not asking for perfection. I just kind of want us to all get on the stage without dropping any bells, clanging them around, and I'd kind of like for them to stand with their legs TOGETHER and for no one to stick out their tongues as they play...ALL OF WHICH have happened in our rehearsals! In reality I know that no matter what happens, they're so darn cute that it doesn't really matter! But (near) perfection sure would be nice.


Ashley said...

LOVE the Texas Tree! I don't think my husband would allow me to do that being he's from Chicago and all.

I do need to see a far away picture of the tree so we can get the hat and the boots all in one photo...that tree is great!

Brenda said...

The kids were precious - and not just because my grandson was in the group or that I had most of the children in my Sunday School class last year - Heather you and Carrie did a fantastic job. I can not wait to hear more from our little "bell ringers"!! Can't wait to see the video.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Thanks Brenda! They were too stinkin' cute weren't they??!! Nose pickers and all!

I couldn't do it without Carrie's help. She's so faithful and a huge help! We have fun in there.

Cole was so darlin' in his little neck tie, which he was VERY proud of!

Oh, but Lexi informed me yesterday that she's not going to marry Cole. She wants to marry Lannon (I think he's imaginary!)

Mel :-) said...

Love the Texas tree! We have some of the same ornaments!! Funny!!