Monday, December 17, 2007

The Pictures You've All Been Waiting For...

I finally had some time to run up to my husband's office today which means...bloggity pictures! My connection at home is too stinkin slow to post pictures from the house. AND...I'm also working on getting the youtube video. It's still downloading SLOWLY. So hopefully I'll have posted today as well. Fingers crossed. And now...drumroll please...

Lexi was an angel in her school Christmas program. The halo was a little crooked. I'm kidding! She was the PERFECT angel!

Ashton and her teacher, Ms. Kim

This was Asthon's position throughout most of the program. She was doing dare devil stunts off the stage, then rolling up in a ball for the crash landing! Hillarious!

Oops, there she goes. She had just made a jump.

Lexi, Ashton, and Lexi's best bud Caroline. Caroline is in her class and she goes to our church.

Lexi drew this on the road trip to Texas. Not sure why it's blog worthy, but I thought it was pretty impressive artwork for a 4 yr old. Her art has come SO FAR in a few short months. Very impressive.

And neighbor's Christmas lights...

You just don't get the "full" effect in pictures.

This picture was NOT posed. Believe it or not. But funny nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

WOW- you weren't kidding when you described this. HA!

Okay- what is going on in the far left of the 1st picture of the neighbor's Christmas Lights is that like an outdoor display case of some sort?

At least he has the real Frosty the snowman inflatable. I like him so much better than all the other snowmen. :)

Love you!


Ashley said...

Ok, your neighbor isn't just going to burn his house down, but maybe yours as well. I can't believe how many christmas lights he has up!

He's almost put the Griswolds to shame!

Mel :-) said...

WOW that is a LOT of lights!!!! holy cow!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Why, yes Rhonda, as a matter of fact that IS a display case!


Anonymous said...

The story about Ashton was funny. I can see her totally doing that. She is a cute little thing anyway!

The pictures of the house....I think in person, it would be even more funny.

DaDaG said...

Now we really can't wait to see the girls and you and your Honey Bun. The girls are just beautiful!
The videos came out perfect. The one next to Lexi's said Caitlin's and I wondered how you got this from them and posted it. Finally figured out that it (and the others) are from other postings on YouTube. Tell Lexi and Ashton that we want a private performance at our house and Lexi can substitute the xylophone for the bells.
DaDa G