Monday, December 10, 2007

Technology is Humbling...


Okay thank you all for your input into streaming video. I think I can figure it out now. A firewire cable huh? Why didn't I think of that! And guess what? When I told my husband that was all I needed, he was like, "Uh, yeah, I could have told you that part. I have one in my office. I use it all the time." He edits videos on a mac, but never puts them on youtube or anywhere online, just burns them to DVD's so when I asked him how to put a video on youtube, he acted like I was speaking a foreign language. Thus my plea for help.


So how is it possible that a girl who can figure out most anything on the computer still requires assistance changing the ink cartridge on the printer?

Tonight, I'm printing my MOPS newsletters that I need by 8 a.m. which I didn't start on till 2 this afternoon because I forgot about them since I spent all weekend worrying about my little handbell players but I made my newsletters while I was "baking" 3 dozen cookies for a school musical and 3 more dozen for my meeting tomorrow and washing 4 loads of clothes including 2 Christmas dresses which they needed for the musical tonight and trying to figure out what hot dish to make for my meeting in the morning and pondering WHEN in the world I might have time to get around to those darn Christmas cards all while refereeing a dozen or so fights with the tots and mostly with one or both of them in my lap. Deep breath! Sigh! Who says stay at home moms have dull lives? (FYI...when I say "baking" I mean calling my husband frantically to beg him to stop at the store and BUY some cookies!!!!)

Anyways, back to printing. So I ran out of black ink and remembered I had an extra cartidge in my stash. But oh no...Cary was in the bathroom when it was time to put the thing in. What shall I do??? I was in deep thought. If I put it in myself, it could implode...or might just work for once. If I wait for him to come out and do it for me, it could take HOURS! So I went the option of possible implosion.

I trembled with fear as I opened the cartridge door and pulled out the first cartridge and slid in the new one. But done in a flash! Okay, I thought. Not so bad. Hot diggity, I think I just changed a printer cartridge...ALL BY MYSELF!

However, when I began to print...Nothin'...Nada!


He came running out of the bathroom with his pants down. "Wha, what is it?"


Sensing my frustrations, he pulled out the printer cartridge just to check and see if I had put it in the correct way and found...

are you ready...

that piece of tape you're supposed to remove from the back side that keeps it from drying out!

Yup! That's right! I'm an idiot! A humble idiot!


Ashley said...

I don't know what's funnier, you forgetting to take the tape off or your husband running in the room with his pants down! funny!

Ashley said...

Oh, and to answer your question, I keep 5 extra kids on top of my four during the day. Four of them go to school all day, two are in half day, and three are here with me all day long!!

I just get a little frustrated when our so called "friends" take advantage and leave their kids here when they don't have to work. I don't know if they remember they asked ME for this favor!

Kathryn Evans said...

Hey...your not so bad off. When I was tech coordinator for an elementary school...i had a teacher that I had to put a sticker on the on button so she would remember where it was. FOR REAL!!
When you have so much going on that tape is just easy to miss. baby yet. UGH!! I have decided he is never coming. That way I can just forget about being anxious about his arrival and just be surprised when he decides to pop out. Yeah, right!

Mel :-) said...

How funny, what a story! I am sure we have all done that!! ;-)
Sorry I couldn't help with the video question! I honestly don't know how other than the way I do it which is to just set the camera on the dock and hit a button. If it was any more complicated than that I wouldn't have a clue!!! :-o

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar!