Sunday, December 30, 2007


I'm going to talk football for a sec, I know...shocking! Any other Aggies out there as heartbroken as I am this morning? I think I'd rather get outscored 42 to zip than to go down the way we went down last night. I can't stop reliving 4th and inches with 5 minutes left in the game. Down my 7, on the 1 yard line. (A 98 yard drive) Seemed like an easy feat. You could have given PennState a heads up..."Hey guys, we're going to send Javorskie Lane up the middle, okay?"...and they couldn't have stopped him. I've seen that kid drag a whole defensive line down field 10 yards before! He could have gotten that ball into the endzone to tie the game. He has that intensity when the game's on the line. I think he would run through FIRE to win the game for us. Instead, some IDIOT calls some other ridiculous play. We'll never know what that play was b/c Stephen McGee tripped and fell without being touched. And I'm not upset at him. God knows he's given his all for this team. I've seen him upchuck on the field and keep on playing. Love that kid!

I saw them play with intensity and heart last night. They were fightin' for that one. And they deserved that win more than Penn State did. In my opinion. Cause I'm biased. And it's my blog and I can state my opinions on my blog.

Another idiot call...2 min left in the game, 4th and 20, yes I know that's a long shot, but why did we not GO FOR IT???? We weren't going to get the ball back. Why not go for it when you're down? I've seen our offense do crazy things like that and actually make it happen when the heat is on and the game is on the line. That's when they seem to step up, so why did we not go for that one?

All I know is, GOOD RIDDENS Les Koenig (or however you spell his name)!

And to THE SHERMINATOR...Welcome to Aggieland. It's going to be a LONG offseason for me.

THANK GOD we have an awesome basketball team these days. #11? I think? And baseball is ranked pretty high too, I believe, which will be starting soon. Something to occupy my one track Aggie brain in the offseason.

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tales_from_the_crib said... was saddish...cause we could've done betterized! i mean we just btho texas a month agos, right?
maybe the sub guy just didn't do a good job, but it was sad to lose either way.