Sunday, December 16, 2007

Midnight Shopping, Brrrr, High School Musical

So I spent the day yesterday organizing THE TOYS! Daaa...daa...daaaaaah! Oh the dreaded chore. But the toy areas were afright and I knew something had to be done before Santa's big arrival. So that's done and I feel better now.

After a day of organizing, I was ready to go to bed pretty early, but I knew I MUST get to Walmart at midnight for the big camera sale. (Mom, stop reading here please!) My Nanny gave me a mission to find the perfect digital camera for my mom for Christmas. And I just LOVE missions such as these because I'm a natural at spending other people's money. Just ask my mom! Anyhoo, in the Walmart circular last week I noticed a Kodak easy share, 8 MP, 3x optical zoom, for $89. And I used to have a Kodak easy share and knew it would be a good fit for Mom, as she's not the most technically minded person when it comes to personal technological devices such as cell phones and VCR's. (She doesn't even own a DVD player. Nor do I!) SO...I made a trip to Walmart at midnight JUST to get this camera because the sale didn't go into effect until midnight and I knew they'd be sold out by 7 a.m. I drug my friend, Milinda, with me. (But first we went to Sonic at 11 p.m. and waited for TWENTY FOUR MINUTES for a drink!) And then we ran into a church member at Walmart. How embarrassing that was! I had on no makeup and was in my "kickin' about clothes". Gotta love a small town! When I got to Walmart, there was no one in the photo section because after all, it was MIDNIGHT. So I had to have a manager paged and I was fully prepared to make my demands known and get out the boxin' gloves if needed to get my camera dern it! They gave me a little heck, but I think they knew I meant business. I was a momma on a mission AT MIDNIGHT! BUT it was all worth it b/c I was the FIRST one to get one of these jewels and I was so proud of my purchase! And I think Mom's going to LOVE it!

It's COLD here today. Icicles were hanging from my nose this afternoon when I went to Michael's and I just knew it had to be like 40 degrees. Nope. It was 60! WOW! How long have I been in Florida? There are lots of things that I like about Florida, but I have to say the WEATHER IS AWESOME! It fits me like a glove. I have learned over the past year that I really am a warm weather kind of girl. I love sunshine and warmth. It makes me happy. I hate cold! I love flip flops! And beaches! And being in the sunshine outdoors! But tomorrow is supposed to be REALLY cold. A low of 40 and a high of 52! That's really cold for Florida. But fortunately, it's only going to last for a day. The rest of the week, we'll be back in the 70's. Still a little too cool for me. I prefer about 85! But still nice and sunny!

And this is a funny conversation we had with Lexi today:

L: "Daddy, I want to go to a preschool for teenagers."

C: "That's called high school honey."

L: "Yeah. I want to go to high school. High school musical. That's where I want to go to school."

OH LORD! Help us! She hasn't even seen HSM. I guess she's seen the ads on the Disney Channel. Today after church, she insisted on dressing herself from her head to her toes. She had on a pink fruity headband, with the rest of her hair in a silver star pony tail holder. A yellow shirt, jean capris, socks (Ashton's socks I might add), red patten leather shoes, and she wanted to walk around talking to Granny on my PINK cell phone. 4 going on 14! Or 24!

But she's such a cutie pie! I could eat her up!!! Today, she told me that she would sleep on the bottom bunk and her husband could sleep on the top bunk. But then later she said her husband died because he was old. ????

Now pat yourself on the back for getting through this very long post about nothing.


Ashley said...

She hasn't seen HSM?? Or HSM2?? What kind of person are you?? I mean, I thought EVERYONE had seen that movie! haha, just kidding!

I can't believe it's so "cold" there! Did you make sure you had warm gloves and a scarf?? Hey, when it's 60 degrees here I am all about the sweatshirts and jeans so this weather right now is killing me...freezing me out.

Good job on the Walmart mission! Now, do you REALLY think your mom stopped reading??

Anonymous said...

wow - that is cold weather for your neck of the woods! that is kind of what we were expecting last week and we never needed our jackets we brought. i loved that weather there and would love it if it were like that in Texas ALL the time. i can easily see why you like living there.

that was a funny walmart story. i gotta shop online walmart for the kids. the hospital gave me a gift card and i need to use it this week....thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, she can see HSM if you go to MGM ;o)


Mel :-) said...

We've never seen HSM either but my kiddos are only 3 and 5 so that doesn't look interesting to them (OR ME!!!) at all!! Blech!
OK you would totally DIE here- it has been in the teens the past few weeks! I love it though, I am a snowbunny! I love having 4 seasons and a white Christmas! :-D I lived in TX all my life (well til the hubs went into the AF!) so I used to freeze in 50* too. Not anymore!! :-)