Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eat, Sleep, Dream...

Mission accomplished! I have officially succeeded in brainwashing my 4 yr old to eat, sleep, and now dream TEXAS A&M!

This morning when Lexi woke up, she came running into the living room and shouted, "Mommy, Mommy, I had a dream!"

"Oh yeah? What about?" I was secretly hoping this was a prophetic dream that I would get skinny, get a house cleaning robot for Christmas, or even better that the Aggies would win a national championship in my lifetime!

"I was on the Aggies! I played basketball. And I was 4 just like I am now. And I couldn't reach the basket, so this big tall Aggie guy lifted me up on his shoulders so I could make the basket and we won the game!"

"WOW!" (This was even better than being skinny!)

And as I swelled with Aggie pride and wiped the tears from my eyes I said, "You make Momma so proud baby!"


Becky K said...

Oh to make our parents proud!! Look at you go, girl! You already have your dream for your girl age 4, no less!! Talk about good work Mama. I was going to ask you about sending you a Christmas card but with your previous post, I will join your spirit and just say "Bah Humbug to you!"

Ashley said...

Now, if we can get her out there in a football uniform, we might be able to win that national championship. She's small enough to just run under those guys legs. We've got a chance. You start practicing with her, and I'll buy the football uniform!

Mel :-) said...

How cute!!! :-)