Monday, December 24, 2007

Our First Floridian Christmas

Merry Christmas from the sunshine state! Christmas greetings from sunny Orlando! What is more Floridian than DisneyWorld? Last Tuesday, we went out to the Disney resorts with some friends just to see all the Christmas decorations. The girls had a great time! Just as we were walking into the Contemporary, Mickey and Minnie were walking in too so they were kind enough to stop for a quick photo. We also rode the monorail MANY times around the park. Oh and Cinderella's castle in Christmas lights...SPECTACULAR! There are no pictures that would do it justice. My favorite resort that I HIGHLY recommend if you ever come is the Animal Kingdom resort. BEAUTIFUL, very lodgy and rustic and you can see the animals from your balcony. There are zeebras, giraffes, antelope, and some other creatures I'm not familiar with roaming around about 10 feet from the building. AMAZING! I want to spend the night there just for the fun of it.

One of the store clerks at the Contemporary told us to put on these silly hats and she snapped a picture! They're all about customer service at Disney!

In front of the tallest tree I've ever seen...this was at the Grand Floridian.

This gingerbread house was at the Grand Floridian...beautiful, but don't let the pics fool you. It was wood up till the roof line.

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