Thursday, June 28, 2007

This really 'BUGS' me!

Creepy I hate'em! I don't care whether they are the kind that are helpful to the environment or not. A bug is a bug! Oh and live and learn...never squash a spider with your shoe. Did that once. Was a mama spider with hundreds of eggs inside her tum tum and when the shoe went "SPLAT", the eggs all scattered. ALL OVER MY KITCHEN FLOOR! But apparently bug hatred is NOT in the DNA cause I have 2 little bug lovin girls. So a few days ago, Lexi found this half dead beetle outside the store. She picked it up and insisted on keeping it as her pet. We tried to convince her to let him go back to his mommy and she said, "I don't think his mommy should see him like this. He's almost dead!" Wisdom from a 4 year old! So, it "slept" on the coffee table that night and she ran right to it the next morning to make sure kitty didn't eat it over night (since he also sleeps on the coffee table). We assured her he didn't eat the bug, he just bug sat all night. So she carried it around DEAD all day and then FINALLY let him become one with the earth. And today, I have another bug story. We have an ant problem lately. Not sure why. I mean it's not like juice and crumbs never land on my floor. My children would NEVER do such a thing. Are you smoking crack??? Anyways, back to the bugs. So today when I turned on the hair dryer to dry Lexi's hair, ants, tons of them, blew out of the dryer all into her hair. I know it must have looked like I was doing some tribal war dance trying to get them all out of her hair and brush them off her skin and then squash them with my feet all at the same time. Now, I ask you wise folks, why in the sam hill would ants be in the hair dryer? My pea sized aggie brain can't figure that one out. Feel free to impart wisdom on me. I'm not makin this stuff up! I couldn't make this up. I'm not that creative! Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else or am I all alone here?

So here's my little bug lovers showing off their find. Actually Ashton didn't have a bug, but she just really wanted to be in the picture.

Here's the little fella dead as road kill. Oh, did I tell you his name? Ringo Starr! Get it...the beatle...beetle bug...teeheehee.

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