Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear Lexi & Ashton:

My sweet baby girls: Just in case I ever forget what life was like when you were two and four years old, I can come back and read this letter. Let me start with the best parts of my day: waking up to your sweet faces in the mornings with your bed head and saggy diapers, watching the two of you play together WITHOUT fighting (it does happen occassionally), holding you in my lap with your sippy cups of WARM milk (which I think is disgusting by the way, but that's the way you like it), holding your teeny tiny hands in mine, hearing you both giggle hysterically when I wash the bottom of your feet, oh I could go on and on. I love the fact that you both adore animals and all of God's creatures, that you sing praises to Jesus at the top of your lungs, that you BELIEVE me when I say you will both be FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIES one day, and that you miss each other terribly when you're apart. Oh, but not every part of our day is blissful paradise. Ashton, why do insist on crawling on all 4's and meowing like a kitty cat in the isles of Walmart (after your bath)? Girls, when do you think I might be able to have just 10 minutes a day of privacy on the potty? Lexi, by the time you're old enough to read this, I pray you will have FINALLY gotten over your fear of pooping on the potty, and will you ever learn the meaning of the word "HURRY"? At what age will you girls start sleeping late and begging for naps? Will the day come that I can serve spaghetti for dinner WITHOUT having to strip you both down to your panties to eat? I know that time flies and in the blink of an eye, you will be driving, dating, attending TEXAS A&M, getting married, and blessing me with grandchildren. As nutty as you make my days, I don't think a night goes by that I don't go to your rooms to kiss your sweet faces and thank God for my two sweet angels (with tiltled halo's...teeheehee).

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mom2i&e said...

All true isn't it? I know - just think I have a boy in that combination...boy physical energy mixed with little girl emotional drama (makes for an intersting day)!

Cute post!