Thursday, June 21, 2007

Honduras Trip

Cary is going on a mission trip to Honduras next month for an entire week with a group from our church. Last night, the group that went to Bolivia a few weeks ago shared about their experiences at our Wednesday night service. Let's get one thing straight...I'm not missionary material and I think I would just DIE without a/c, clean bathrooms, and my internet. But Cary is all about "roughin it". He's so excited and I pray it will be life changing not only for him, but the people he encounters in Honduras. What an incredible opportunity. Just think about how awesome it would be to CHANGE SOMEONE'S FOREVER! This is their eternity we're talking about!!! And not all of us can or want to travel across the world to do mission work, but we're ALL called to be fishers of men. There are so many ways you can help Cary "fish" in Honduras. If you'd like to send a financial contribution to help pay for his trip, that would be AWESOME as it is a very costly journey. The church has offered to pay for his portion, but we're trying to still pay for it ourselves or at least as much as we can. But even if you can't contribute financially, can you commit to pray for his safety and the safety of the entire group? Also, pray that God will use them to change lives. And here's another way you can help...The group from Bolivia shared with us last night that the pastors in that area only have maybe one Spanish Bible, most of which were falling apart. They didn't have any type of Bible concordence or Bible reference books. Many in their congregation don't even have Bibles. So our church is collecting money to buy not only Bible reference books and Spanish Bibles for the pastors, but also these really cool little electronic devices that read the Bible out loud in Spanish, because many people there are illiterate. So having a Bible wouldn't even help necessarily but it's still imperative that they hear God's word. Our group said the pastors in Bolivia wanted to know all about what the Bible had to say about relationships...relationships between husbands and wives, friends, neighbors, enemies, etc. I know I would be lost without my concordence books and my Life Application Bible that explains each verse in detail. Anyways, think of how you can help change someone's forever. Maybe you can donate monetarily (is that a word) or maybe you can be a prayer warrior for our group. If you'd like to make a donation either towards Cary's trip or towards the purchase of Bible resources, email me and I'll send you the church's address.

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mom2i&e said...

That will be an AWESOME experience. The mission trips I have been on in the past have been such an experience. Let me see wha we can do.