Monday, June 11, 2007

Faux Father's Day and TIMBER...

Okay, so I don't pretend to be on top of things when it comes to remembering important dates and keeping up with a calendar. I'm more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl and I'm totally okay with that. So last week when all of the Father's Day ads started running on t.v and in the paper, I just assumed that this past Sunday (yesterday) must be Father's Day. NEVER did it occur to me to consult with a calendar! Cary happened to be preaching on Sunday as our pastor is out of town. So when he was trying to decide what his message would be about, I suggested why not a Father's Day message, I mean DUH... I even took the girls shopping on Tuesday of last week for Daddy's gift and made sure to do the ritualistic nagging to get Cary to mail his dad's gift by Thursday so it would get there in time. It wasn't until Friday when Pastor Steve called Cary to see how his message was coming along that we got set straight on our dates. So Cary had to start all over planning out a new message and even worse, I had to keep his Father's Day gift a surprise for ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK! Are you kidding me???

And now a follow up to Cary and Lexi's camping trip last weekend. That story was part of my first blog post, scroll down if you missed it. Okay, so it rained like monsoonal rains for like 24 hours straight. We had been in a serious drought with tons of wildfires all around and then the weekend of the camp-out, IT POURS! Cary was miserable and soaking wet all night Friday night so they got up really early Saturday morning and headed for home. Several fellow campers in the group informed Cary last week that after he and Lexi left that morning, a HUGE branch broke off of a tree and landed RIGHT WHERE THEIR TENT WAS!!!! Now I don't believe in luck or coincidence. That right there my friends is what I call a "GODcidence".

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mom2iande said...

you are not the only one thinking this past weekend was father's day. i thought it was, too. my mom asked me what i wanted to do for father's day and i that is when i realized which weekend she was talking about. i never know when those are -- i don't even know when mother's day it...i just know i am supposed to give a gift to the moms in may and the dads in june.