Friday, June 1, 2007

My First Post

This is the first of MANY posts to come! Pleae bookmark this page and check it frequently. I will use this site to post pictures of the girls as often as I can.

This weekend, Lexi and Daddy are spending quality time together on a church campout. I'm SO excited for them! Camping is right up her alley. To be such a girly girl who loves to dress up, wear make-up, and play baby dolls, she loves to catch lizards and other bugs, and collect leaves and rocks too. I guess you can say she's well rounded. They have a 3 hour drive ahead of them so before they left, I told Lexi to tell Daddy frequently, "Daddy, slow down. You're driving too fast!" Because he ALWAYS drives too fast. We practiced saying it and I really want her drive him crazy with this comment so he'll remember to keep his speed in check. So as they were walking out the door she went up to him and said, "Daddy, you have to drive really fast so I can tell you to slow down." Let's just say I was happy to let this be a daddy/daughter weekend as I'm not so much a nature girl. I know...shocking!

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