Thursday, June 7, 2007

MRI Update

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. Today was a huge success! God's hand was in every part of this day for sure! For starters, Ashton slept till 9:30 this morning which she NEVER does! She's usually up by 7:30. That kept the amount of time she wandered around the house begging for food and milk to a minimal as we had to leave at 10. After she woke up, Daddy kept her occupied by trimming her nails, giving her a quick bath, and getting her dressed. And during that time, we bended the rules a litte by giving her some water/juice mixed. She wasn't supposed to have any liquids past 8 a.m. She was so good all morning. They allowed me to go back with her while they gave her the gas to make her fall asleep. She was out in 15 seconds. Then I said my goodbyes and they took her back to put the IV in and do the MRI. About an hour later she was ready to go. They told me to only give her liquids and jello or soupy foods for the rest of the day since the anesthesia might cause her to be nausious. So I took her to Boston Market and got her a bowl of soup and some mashed potatoes. She ate every bite and even 1/2 of my turkey! She was STARVING! She's been totally normal the rest of the day, no grumpiness, no vomiting, which they had warned me about. (And NO NAP unfortunately!) I won't have any results until tomorrow.

While walking through the recovery wing, there were so many children in there who had just come out of surgery, some appeared to be cancer patients. I couldn't help but to give thanks to God that I was only there for a piddly MRI for my very healthy daughter. I don't know how those parents watch their children suffer, knowing that some won't live to see their next birthday. And I certainly don't know how any of them endure that without a relationship with God and a hope of eternal life. Only He can provide us with the peace and courage to face such situations.

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mom2iande said...

That is great for her - I knew she would do just fine. Usually, it is the adults that are more nervous and worried than the child. You got to see what my job is...I love getting families ready for procedures and surgery and taking care of them. Hopefully, you will get great results. She is so cute and a bright little girl to have been diagnosed during a pregnancy as she was. Amazing! Only God can protect one like that!