Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Workin' Like a Woman

We have a joke in our house, on the days that my husband feels like he has worked so hard and is just exhausted by the end of the day that he can barely hold his head up at the dinner table, I say "So you worked like a woman today huh?" AS OPPOSED TO...sitting behind a desk (without children interrupting him every 5 seconds), eating lunch with friends at a yummy restaurant (without children interrupting him every 5 seconds), completing tasks on his to-do list (without children interrupting him every 5 seconds). No, there's no bitterness. Really. Well, today, I have TRULY worked like a woman. Like I do every day. Cause last time I checked, I'm all woman! Actually, though, I think today I have worked more like SUPER woman. I got up and made the girls and myself a very healthy breakfast, started cleaning house and doing laundry, scrubbed the bathrooms, vacuumed, dusted, fed the girls a snack, put a roast and carrots in the slow cooker for dinner, then I went outside and mowed the backyard, swept and hosed off the back patio and lawn chairs, came inside and gave my children, the dog, and myself a shower. Yes, we all showered together! That was a hoot. Yes, my girls have seen me naked all you modesty freaks! It's really not a big deal. We all have the same parts, mine are just bigger. Much bigger. And as soon as I'm done telling you nice folks what all I've done today, I'm going to quickly make my husband's camp booklet on this computer for Jr. Camp which starts tomorrow, then I'm going to put the clean sheets on the beds, fold and put away my LAST load of laundry (YIPPEE) and then we're going to pick up Lexi's friend Caroline for a sleepover! Which means I'll be entertaining a guest this evening before I eventually CRASH and sleep really really hard from all my super woman work! Yes, I have truly worked like the woman of all women today!


Rhonda said...

That sounds like my Saturdays. :) LOL! and that is my DAY OFF.

I say that, with great pride, though. I am proud of your hard work, too!

God's Girl said...

You are SOOO blessed to be able to have the opportunity to work like a woman! I can't wait to have those days again - in my very near future. Seriously, I miss them.

And I AM a modesty freak, but I've never understood the whole, "don't let your little girls" see your parts thing or call those parts by name. Boys, like Parker's age, I understand. But the thought of not showering with Ally or Avery (or letting them shower together has not crossed my mind nor will it). And honestly, I think it is normal and natural and not a problem. Of course, opposite sex stuff is a problem. But my parents were always really open with that stuff and subsequently I didn't grow up trying to sneak a peak at a naked body. :)

Stephanie said...

You deserve some activity points for the housework! I wish I had the energy and time to work like a woman. I know when my kids are older and more self-sufficient, I will have time but I wonder if I'll just accept a messy house by then! I have been meaning to ask you if you have a cleaning house routine or schedule like on MOndays you do this and Tuesdays you do that. Maybe you could blog about it sometime!

kristi said...

I love that....another one I am going to copy & use!