Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Date Night FINALLY!

Well, after 7 months, we are finally having a date night tonight! I think date nights are a critical necessity in a marriage. It's so important that you continue to cultivate your relationship after getting married, ESPECIALLY when you have children. And it's also great for our children to see us "date" each other. Our pastor in Dallas did a marriage series not too long ago called "Love Affair"....SO GOOD. And he said that you and your spouse should have a weekly date night. He has 4 kids. And in theory, yes, that sounds like a WONDERFUL plan. But all I can think is, who can afford that? The reason we DON'T go on more dates is because we can't afford it. We can afford to go out and we can afford a babysitter, but we can't afford to go out AND have a babysitter! We don't live near our family, so we totally have to rely on our church family. We have excellent teenage babysitter options, WONDERFUL girls! But that costs money. And even with this option, is it just me, I'm always watching the clock feeling an urgency to get home. Maybe because time means money, but also because I don't want to inconvenience someone even though I'm paying them. Is that crazy? We have great friends. But they all have 4 kids. 4+2=6. I can't do that to my friends! (Plus let's be honest, I might have to return the favor and I'm not really the babysitting type! There's a reason I only have TWO children!) There are a handful of grandmotherly types that I know would do us the favor of watching our children but I'm not good at asking for FREE favors! And then I would feel so guilty like I was taking advantage of them the whole time I was out that I wouldn't enjoy myself! So, you see, that leaves us with the other option...NO DATE NIGHTS! But today we are having free childcare by our preschool director. She has offered several times and it's been almost a year since she has kept them, so I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of her or anything. And I know she loves children and loves watching children. So perhaps I will be able to enjoy myself!

And now after reading this post, it seems that I'm doing the waa waa waa whiney thing. And maybe I am. I'm entitled! Once a month!


Phamilyof6 said...

Have a great time. Stay out a LOOOONNNNGGG time and don't watch the clock. My kids LOVED going to Nanna Helen's and she watched them a few times a month (usually) during the day. Don't feel guilty, b/c this is the ministry God has given her and she loves to do it. If she wasn't able to she would tell you.

Enjoy yourself! Applebee's has weight watcher's points (or at least they use too). There is also a really cool restaurant called Cafe Tutu tango in Orlando that you might like. I use to love it.

Have fun!

laytonfamily said...

I'm right there with you! We went 8 months without a date because we couldn't afford a night out AND paying a sitter. And then I have to hurry up and get home because I dare not want to pay more than 2 hours (more than my meal)!

You enjoy tonight!!!

Stephanie said...

That's so true! ALl of it. We don't have family here either. Also, we used to have the excuse of how expensive it is to go out and even though things are getting better financially, going out PLUS a sitter is mucho denero amigo! Also, every time we find a good college-aged girl from church, she graduates and moves. I'm not ready for a high school girl to watch all 3, no way! I hope you guys have a wonderful time.

Jonatha said...

We usually have to farm ours out to a couple of different people - then we have to worry about taking too long with both of them! We usually go once every 6 months or so - but it makes it that much more special when we do :)

It was really nice meeting you today! You are even prettier in person, and you have such a sweet spirit! I hope to see you again :)

kristi said...

We are the same family close to us. I do have to say when the FREE babysitters offer, I take them up on it and we go out at their convenience. I LOVE free! We do have a next door neighbor with a very sweet 14 year old and we pay her on occasion to baby sit if the FREEBIE is busy!

We always rush to get home, too. I think we all know deep down they are our responsibility. I have to admit we miss ours when we are away from them, too.

We all must get out with our spouses!