Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

This morning, Cary fixed me breakfast. He's trying to be really helpful and supportive of my new weight watchers journey, so he got up early and asked me what I could have to eat and then he fixed it for me. Such a dear! When we all sat down to eat breakfast, Lexi said, "Is it Mother's Day?" Like as if Daddy only fixes breakfast on Mother's Day! Too funny!

A little while later, she was playing with her Barbie dolls and she came up to me and asked, "Do they make Mommy Barbie dolls?" I said, "You mean like ones with babies in their tummies?" And she said, "No, I mean fat, like you." I said, "No, but maybe when you get bigger you can go work for the Barbie company and you can convince them that they SHOULD make Barbie dolls of ALL shapes and sizes!!!!"


Phamilyof6 said...

AMEN! I loved Barbie's growing up, but I have such a hard time letting my girls playing with them b/c I don't want them to fall into the trap that "she" is the perfect woman and that is what we all should strive to look like. I would love to see a much healthier, fuller, well-rounded Barbie!

How is the weight watcher's going?

I think about you everyday and am always praying for you and your family.


tales_from_the_crib said...

yeah...they should make barbies more normalled looking. just going down the barbie's aisle makes me upset...legos are much easiered to understands.

Ashley said...

kids just don't know when NOT to say something. Not too long ago, Cody walked in the bathroom while I was getting dressed, saw me in a towel and said "Nasty" then turned around and walked out!! That totally spiked my self esteem let me tell you!!

kristi said...

Oh, kids do say the darnest things! That Lexi!

Good luck with Weight Watchers. We have been trying to make it to the gym around here ;o)

circus of love said...

I have banned the word FAT in our house. We may not use it to describe anything. Me, included.

Stephanie said...

Cute! At least you have a good attitude about it all. I know my day is coming soon. Keep on track with WW, I'll be your cheerleader.