Friday, July 11, 2008


My beloved is heading out tomorrow for Honduras! Please be in prayer for him and the other 17 church members who are going on this mission trip. He went last year and had a wonderful experience. They will be teaching 10-13 yr olds at a camp, working in a soup kitchen, doing some construction projects, and doing some street evangelism. He's such a man! He can sleep anywhere, pee anywhere, eat anywhere, and basically function anywhere. Not me! Honduras...NO WAY JOSE! I'm happy as a lark right here in the good ol' USofA! Just after we see Daddy off, my mom and grandmother will be arriving from San Antonio! So we'll go from Adios to Hola! (All this Spanish talk is making hungry for some Mexican food!) I'm sure we will keep the girls so busy this week that they won't have time to miss daddy too much. Well, that's not true. We already miss him and he's not even gone yet.

Yesterday, we ventured to another FL town that we hadn't yet been to since moving here...Daytona! Okay, so I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be kind of trashy and cheap and basically hooker-like, based on news reports and such. But I really really liked it! A lot! It had a lot of character. So much of it has been renovated in the last few years and I can see why it is such a tourist attraction. The beach was wonderful, except that the water was so cold, I couldn't go any further than my ankles! We actually went with a purpose, not just to kill time. We went to cook and feed lunch to our youth group who was there at youth camp. They went to the Student Life @ the Beach conference with about 6000 other youth from all over the country. I heard it was AMAZING, Louie Giglio was the camp pastor and CHRIS TOMLIN was the worship leader. Holy cow! I even wanted to go to youth camp! All the kids thought it was insane that Chris Tomlin used to lead worship at one of the college Bible Studies I attended regularly at A&M. And we thought he was such a DORK! He was a skinny, skrawny lil fella, totally unattractive. He had a crush on my roomate and she avoided him like the plague because he was so....EW! It was a small Bible study, about 50 people, and we met at the chapel on the A&M campus. WHO KNEW what God had in store for that guy! (But of course only greatness comes out of Texas!) Louie Giglio also made quite a few appearances at A&M. I heard him speak on many occassions. He's a gifted man! Anyhoo, so back to Daytona. I was out in the sun for about 6 hours. We cooked outside by the pool and then walked down to the beach afterwards. I'm just a wee bit on the pink side today.

So with my mom in town and all the crazy fun we're gonna have, I don't know how much I'll be online next week. So Adios amigos! I must go eat me some Mexican food now.


circus of love said...

I am so glad you liked Daytona!!! I think I am having Heather withdrawals. It is a good thing John is home this week while your mom is here. It was so awesome hanging out with you last week while my hubbie was gone!!!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Ahhh, I miss you too girl! It was a fun week wasn't it? Good friends helps the time pass quicker. Maybe since we both have built in babysitters this week we really can have some girl time!

Mel :-) said...

Have fun with your Mom! Hopefully your husband will have a safe and productive trip! Try to stay busy and it will help the time pass faster until he gets back home! :-)