Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, it happened...

The moment I've been dreading since the doctor said, "It's a girl!" Call me shallow and worldly, I don't really care...FASHION MATTERS! Appearance counts! It just does. It's a cruel world so you gotta look good! My children have been "blessed" to have a mom who puts fashion as a top notch priority. (or maybe it's a curse) I've never taken my children to a store and let them pick out their own clothes. Are you kidding? Who does that? No way, I buy them what I know will be cute on them (or should I say Granny buys them what she knows will be cute on them). I lay out their clothes each day so that everything matches and is grouped accordingly. There are no choices when it comes to clothing in this house. That would resemble a...democracy! Heck no. And it would be a fashion NIGHTMARE! But today was different. I made a mistake. I took the children INTO the shoe store. On purpose. I know, WHAT was I thinking? It gives me the shivers now just thinking about it. We were on the hunt for some new flip flops. And happened. What happened, you ask? THESE HAPPENED...
Now upon first glance, not so bad, right? Well, they happen to break my top two fashion rules. #1...NO CHARACTERS ALLOWED ON CLOTHING ITEMS. Look closely. Do you see them? Yes, those dad gummed Disney princesses. They're taking over the world people! I don't allow shoes, swimsuits, clothing, comforters, backpacks, nor any accessory with a character on it. Well, I actually bended the rule recently by allowing them to have character pajamas. I figured that was harmless enough right? I mean, who's gonna see the pajamas? Well, you give an inch, they take a mile! So now we have princess flip flops.
OH BUT WAIT...there's more...

THEY LIGHT UP! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rule #2 BROKEN! Nothing that is covered in sequins, glitter or LIGHTS UP shall be worn upon the feet!

Oh my stars! What has the world come to? My child is wearing LIGHT UP DISNEY PRINCESS flip flops. I need chocolate. Now!


Ashley said...

I am JUST like you!! My boys don't have characters on shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. The only thing they are allowed to pick out with characters on them are underwear and pajamas!

Like you though, I have bent the rules once...and only once. Cody say a pair of Elmo shoes a year ago. He really wanted them and the ONLY reason he got them was because they were the ones that looked like Vans, not the huge Velcro wal-mart type! Cody wore them once, they hurt his feet and they have been in the closet ever since. See, it taught him a lesson. He has not had character shoes again!!

Ahh, Ashton and Cody would make the perfect couple! Maybe one day they will go to Midnight yell together...without characters on their clothes!!!

David said...

That is funny. We don't allow characters on anything except undies and PJs!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!


laytonfamily said...

no characters? really - this can be done? We'd have nothing. Does this make me a bad mom? We've got shirts, shorts, pjs, underwear - (that's how we potty trained with wearing Thomas underwear). Blankets, socks, sheets, back packs, lunch boxes, pins for shoes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, bath soap, you name it!

MommaJen said...

I have the same rules! pajamas and underwear being the only exception! I too don't take my kids shopping for their own clothes - dreading the day they express an opinion!

circus of love said...

I don't take my kids shopping either. We have been blessed with a family that passes us all of their hand-me-downs for the girls and baby boy. Elijah is the only one that gets new clothes and therefore has much fewer outfits to choose from. We did buy Layton an outfit for her b-day. (she is getting it tomorrow for her b-day party-shhh don't tell her)We took her to the Nike Outlet while on vacation to get her athletic shorts for soccer and basketball camps. She had NEVER been a dressing room before. It was so cute. She was asking all these questions about what to do. I felt terrible that my 7 year old had never been shopping before. Oh...and we typically don't do characters too much. Some shirts we get have them on them and the kids really like them. PJS and undies though we do BUY them with characters on them. I do NOT do underwear hand-me-downs...oooohhh!!!

Phamilyof6 said...

Girl-I totally feel you. But your blog reminded me of my "past convictions" of characters and somehow I got sucked into all this. I'm going back to my convictions thanks to your blogs. No more Dora! No more Cars! No more princesses! Oh wait, we wouldn't have any pajamas!!! HA!! But I totally can't stand the character fad. Another thing I don't like is stuffed animals. At Parker's baby shower stuffed animals were prohibited. And guess what, one of my kids favorite things are stuffed animals.

I hope you are having a great time in Texas. I have been praying for you everyday and thinking about you a lot. I miss you and hope we can talk on the phone soon. Love ya! You are very special.

Rhonda said...

Ha ha ha... I have the same aversion. Mom however doesn't seem to realize that. I came home one day to find that Sebastian had been given Walmart Thomas Water shoes. There is just so much wrong with that phrase. There is nothing wrong with Walmart stuff, lord knows I have bought him more giranimals $2.99 solid color shorts and teeshirts. It was the idea of Water SHOES- those heinous rubber and neoprene zip up things, with a character on them. Of course He loved them and wanted to wear them immediately. I explained that you only wore those when you swim... and he was ok with that. Thank you, Jesus!

I have just bought him a slew of undies with characters- Mickey, Elmo, Thomas and Cars. He is finally going potty, I would have bought him anything to see him start going potty. He also has the PJ's, though.

I do draw the line, but I am telling you that for little boys it is almost impossible to dress a child without a picture of a dump truck or a character stamped on it. So, Heather, I would not complain... boys are impossible to shop for and stay within these guidelines.

Anybody got any websites or cute suggestions?

kristi said...


I have to agree with you...I actually don't like character stuff either (well, except for Disney). I actually like to find generic cute stuff instead. Although I have to admit I don't mind something cute with Disney colors that is creatively done.

Our kids have shoes, backpacks, clothing that are non-character....except for a couple shirts from WDW.

Those shoes are something else!