Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

So like you care, but here's what we did this weekend:

Friday, I worked all day while Cary stayed home with the girls then we went to have fajitas for dinner. I had them on corn tortillas (less points) and I didn't eat any chips! YEA ME!

Saturday, we had family love time all morning. Then I cleaned house all afternoon. Then we went on our date. We went to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3D. Not my kind of movie, but it was interesting. If you're into Sci Fi, which I'm not. It was a totally clean and would appropriate for older children, but I think a little too scary and action packed for younger kids. But since I picked the restaurant, I let him pick the movie, thus the Sci Fi thriller! Oh, and at the movie, I had a little popcorn, no butter, and I snuck in a pak of the Nabisco 100 calorie pak Oreo bites, (candy covered oreos) and a diet sprite. Then after the movie, we went to one of my favorite places to eat...Pei Wei! I know I've spoken the praises of Pei Wei on the ol' blog before but really, it's SO good. It's the cheaper version of P.F. Chang's, owned by the same company and some of the menu is the exact same too. But it's more like the fast food version of P.F. Chang's, but yet there are still waiters that bring your food out. It's a very swanky joint. And I'm such a nerd, I actually looked up the nutritional value of everything before I went so I'd know what to order. I ended up getting the lettuce wraps....SO good. And I was going to get the edamama (boiled soybeans in the pod) too, but ended up with a spring roll instead. (I had to have SOME form of guilty pleasure!) And their Chi tea is SO good.

Today, we went to church and then ate at Chili's after church. I had the guiltless chicken platter, 11 points! And after church we came home and all crashed for a few hours. Then woke up and cooked taco soup for dinner and all watched a DVRed episode of Little Bear (at my request). Now my laundry pile awaits.

This week I must accomplish:
1. Finishing the church website once and for all!
2. Finish writing all my thank you letters for VBS.
3. Take Ashton to the doctor to get her physical and shots.
4. Find something to sign my kids up for for Fall (ballet or gymnastics or soccer or cheerleading or something!)
5. Complete a home school evaluation for a girl at church
6. Do much laundry! (that just goes without saying, right?)
7. Buy Lexi's school supplies and uniforms.


laytonfamily said...

Wow - I am SO impressed with your discipline! way to go. I'm a HUGE emotional eater, so I'm definitely doing some toe touches over here for you. Okay - if I COULD jump like that again - I'd be doing some toe touches over here! (sorry sweetie, those days are long gone). Hope 'bout a round of applause and giant smile of encouragement! YOU GO GIRL! :>

Phamilyof6 said...

Good job eating well on the weekends - that's especially hard to do.

I have never heard of that restaurant before! Where is it?

Glad your date was good. I would not have wanted to sit through that movie, so good for you. And I know you hate going to movies - so double good for you.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

There's one on Colonial in the Winter Park area and I just saw that they are building one in the Whole Foods shopping center over off of Sand Lake, kind of near Dr. Philips area. They are all over Dallas, which is where I was introduced to them. I was so happy the day we passed by the one on Colonial. And there's a Jason's Deli right next to it...another one of my favorite Texas places! Cary couldn't believe I didn't want Jason's Deli last night instead!

Jonatha said...

Add to that list to schedule a play date ;) I would love to have some time with you both (if you can fit it in?). I do hope to bring the girls back next week - they've heard great things about the kids program!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some dicipline to not eat the chips with Mexican food! I tried that ONCE and it was absolute torture!! I'm a little nerdy too and I look up nutritional information sometimes. It's effective though because when I see things on the menu, I think..."can't order that, it has 46g of fat!" Have you ever looked at Sonic's nutritional info? Some of it is scary! Heath and I used to get cream pie shakes until I saw that it was worth an entire day of WW points! I don't think I've had one since!.....sigh.....the price we pay I guess....


circus of love said...

You are doing soooo good!!! I will see you at WW tomorrow!!!

Katy said...

Great job with the weight watchers. I can't believe you were able to eat Mexican without chips/salsa either! Keep up the good work!