Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

We did the All-American thing today. I worked! We grilled out! We took naps! We went to happy hour at Sonic! We watched fireworks! Those are all very "American" don't you think? We did NOT however conceive another child. (Inside Joke) Both of my girls were conceived on July 4th. Not on purpose either. Nope, no more conceptions in this house. We kind of prefer the average American sized family of 2.4 kids. I guess the cat and dog take care of that .4 issue. See, having a 3rd child would totally mess with our 2 to a seat rides at Disney World. Not to mention, I'm not sure I want to be out-numbered by little people.

I do have about a half day's worth of work to do tomorrow at the office and then I think we're going to go see Wall E. Lexi has been seeing the previews for that for like a year from one of her other Disney movies. She has been so excited about it! And then Sunday after church, I promised my "other child" (Cary) that we would go to Blizzard Beach. Although this totally goes against my "Avoid Disney at all costs the week of July 4th" Policy. Like everyone in America goes to Disney this week it seems. Listen people, they do the same fireworks show 365 days a year! Come in October! Trust me!

I am in MAJOR need of a vacation. Have I said that enough? I've been entering every "win a vacation" sweepstakes on the web these last few months, but the only thing I've won is a spot on all the tele-marketing calling lists! Yippee! I want a tropical paradise getaway. Complete with a pina coloda in a cocunt shell with a cute little pink umbrella in it and young boys fanning me with palm leaves. Okay, so truly I would totally settle for the Holiday Inn in St. Pete just an hour down the road. But a girl can dream, can't she?


Anonymous said...

I am ready for a vacation also....Let's make a reservation. We have all been working too much lately, and your children have been neglected and we need to have some quality time together. I can hardly wait to see my girls.


Nickel Mom said...

Ssshhh....Don't tell everyone to come in October...that's when the residents go! (withOUT all the chaos and heat!) HEE! :o)
Glad you had a great 4th! We avoid all those parks in the summer too...however, we had free sea world tickets that we had to use up last week, so that is why we went in July. I don't recommend it! I would much rather hit all the parks in October!! We usually end up in a fetal position on the ground when we get in a crowd.:(

Mel :-) said...

Glad you had a nice, relaxing 4th! Sonic sounds SO good right about now! I am with you on the 2:2 ratio of kids to adults! ;-)
We went to Disneyland last November and it was SO perfect (no crowds, short lines, cooler temps!) that we are doing it again this Nov!!! :-D

laytonfamily said...

we have no plans of being outnumbered either!