Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Month From Today...

my baby girl will be starting KINDERGARTEN! I can't believe it. Where has the summer gone? Where have the past 5 years gone??? It's bittersweet. On one hand, I'm so excited to see what the future holds for her in school and with her new friends. But on the other hand, I'm going to miss her terribly when she's at school every day. And I'm really NOT excited about her wearing a uniform. When I taught in public schools, I was ALL FOR uniforms! I loved them! As a professional educator, I'm an official uniform advocate! But as a PARENT of an adorable girl who has the cutest clothes in the world and a TON of them, I want to protest!!! Oh and Lexi wants to ride the school bus, to which I say, "over my dead body!" I mean, I'm okay with public schools and that is the route we're taking and that's what God has chosen for our family and I couldn't be happier or more peaceful about it, but there will be NO SCHOOL BUS RIDING! I remember how bad the school bus rides were when I was a kid and that was like a really long time ago. I remember the day a high school boy pinched my bootie and I was like in the 2nd grade. No, she will NOT be riding the bus. Now, to all of you readers out there also sending your children to school (I know, many of you homeschool) but to all of you like me who are like pushing your kids out the door (did I say that) I meant, sending your children off to that wonderful place called school, here are some tips from the teacher in me:

1. Send a "first day of school" gift to your child's teacher, principal, counselor, and office staff. TRUST ME...BRIBERY WORKS! And make sure to put your child's name nice a big somewhere on the card!

2. Send gifts to your child's teacher OFTEN, even simple things like chocolate. TRUST ME...BRIBERY WORKS!

3. At Christmas time and on teacher appreciation week, organize a collection to be taken up from the other children in the class and buy the teacher a REALLY NICE GIFT, like a massage gift certificate. TRUST ME...BRIBERY WORKS!

4. Volunteer to help the teacher throughout the week with xeroxing or whatever she needs done...TRUST ME...BRIBERY WORKS!

5. When I was a teacher, I would always tell parents, "If you'll promise to only believe HALF of what they say about me, I'll promise to only believe HALF of what they say about you!" And it's the truth. Kids say the darndest things. And they tell their teachers EVERYTHING! So watch out!


Kim said...

What about, "Best Teacher", mug? Does that work?

First day of school present sounds good. I'm thinking Symphony Bar.

circus of love said...

The sentiment is nice no matter what the gift but something that a teacher can actually use/enjoy and not have to put on the book shelf in her classroom to display this year and throw away next year when she gets a new one is best. My personal opinion on "best teacher" items...I would encourage mom's to avoid the generic "best teacher" gifts. Go more for things like a candy bar, bag of dove chocolate, scented candle, maybe flavored tea or coffee, picture frame (Not with your child's picture in it). Something they will actually use and won't already have 10 of...let me tell you as an ex-school teacher can have TOO many best teacher mugs, plaques, pins, etc... If there is a room mom have her give the teacher a survey to share with all the parents about her favorite things... colors, scents, flowers, authors, restaraunts, stores. You could have them list interests/hobbies/allergies. Have them list her/his favorite snacks.
A gift certificate to a favorite store is could even go in together with other parents. One year my class got me an American Express Gift card at Christmas. All the parents just donated funds towards it. It was AMAZING!!! Then I could get anything I wanted. If you want to tell your teacher that she is best...WRITE it out in a thank you card or have your child write a personal letter to her. I still have a smile file of encouraging notes that were given to me by parents and students. A lot easier to keep than stacks of mugs and plaques!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Agreed Kathryn! (The room mother...that will be ME!) I loved gift cards, those were always my favorite gifts. I got an abundance of candles and bath & body works stuff every year. As well us used stuff animals, library books where the barcode has been marked out, and even those plastic roses with dew on them! yes, love those. HA!

But gift cards are by far my favorite. Last year for the girls' preschool I gave $5 sonic gift cards in a little card to the teachers on the first day that just said, "Enjoy a sweet treat after a long first day of school!" They really liked that. And the year before, I gave a $5 starbucks card on the first day, but of course we don't have starbucks in this town so that would be silly to give. And for teacher appreciation week, I gave them Darden (sp?) giftcards good at Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.

kristi said...

First - I can't believe she is going to be in Kindergarten, but it is great to see them grow and move to the next step God has planned for their lives. Right?

Second - I always like your teacher advice and try to remember it :O)

Jonatha said...

Does Bribery Work? :) I just have to say - I remember our school bus, and I learned a lot of things on it, none of which I would like to remember! Good choice!

Phamilyof6 said...

If I was a teacher I would LOVE all of the above.

I still remember my first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. I was scared out of my mind. And I think I had to ride the bus to school that day (isn't that crazy). I went to an underground school called Reedy Creek Elementary.

Anyway, I can't believe Lexi's big day is just around the corner. I'll be praying that you will make the transition easily as well. She's gonna have soooo much fun! Kindergarten is a blast. Now I remember walking into first grade and thinking, "where are all the toys." :)

Good times!

Phamilyof6 said...

P.S. I'll be here teacher if you will give me Starbucks Gift Certificates. :)