Sunday, March 2, 2008

There IS a shoe God!

I have searched the world high and low for the last month for a pair of brown sandals for Lexi. Because it's sandal weather here...EVERY DAY...but I'm not a fan of white sandals, even when they're "legal". They just bring me back to a time when I had hair as high as the Heavens (with wings), sportin' my izod shirts, Member's Only jacket, and tight fitting WHITE denim shorts, remember white denim? With white sandals. Ugh, that's painful. But back to the real drama here. THE SANDAL SEARCH! I've been to every Target this side of the Mississippi and on the other side of the Mississippi. Okay, not EVERY Target, but it sure felt like it. I've been to Old Navy, Gymboree, I've been to 4 StrideRite stores, I've been to the Children's Place, I've been to Ross, TJ Maxx, Dillard's, Macy's, Nordstrom's, I've been to lots of Payless stores. Oh, I've even been to Walmart baby! When I say Momma has searched high and low, I MEAN IT! I even spent TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE online last night googling "children's sandals", "toddler's sandals", "girls sandals", "brown children's sandals", "brown toddler's sandals", "things kids wear on their feet"!!!! At one point, I typed in "to brow san" and google replied, "Did you mean Toddler's brown sandals?" "Why, yes, I did, how did you know!" Okay, that was a joke. Cause Google is smart like that. Yeah. Okay, but DO YOU GET THE IDEA? I've been a Momma on a mission I tell you! And it's not that I'm picky. I just want a PLAIN BROWN SANDAL! Is that too much to ask? One night, I even prayed that those little elf shoemakers would visit my home and put my baby together some brown sandals while we slept. The real challenge is that Lexi is no longer in toddler sizes, but she's not in "big girl's sizes" yet either. She measured a 12.5 at StrideRite. Most brown sandals come in toddler sizes up to size 11 (like the one's we've been buying at Target the last 2 years) or they start in a size 1 (big girl's size). So if your child wears anything between an 11.5-13.5, FORGET IT! I guess they're supposed to go bare foot.

BUT...can you hear the hallellujah chorus??? Today, I made a trip to the Gymboree outlet store in Orlando, off of I-Drive, and low and behold. I found my baby some shoes! Granted, I had already looked at 3 other Gymboree stores in the last month! But today the shoe Gods were smiling down on me. I guess they were tired of seeing my baby's toes hanging over the edge of her old sandals. Bless her heart. And I must say, it was tempting, very tempting, to not buy them in the next 3 sizes, you know, just for safe keepings.


Ashley said...

Just for future knowledge, they might not seem like the place to go, but Academy has got a great selection on girl's sandals! You can buy anything there in almost any size. Oh, and they have some cute brown sandals! If she wears flip flops, there are some awesome beaded brown ones that are only like 10 bucks!!

Got to love the sports and outdoors store!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Nope, didn't go there, BUT I DID go to BASS PRO SHOP in Grapevine while I was there, and I did look there. Bass Pro Shop! That's how desperate I was.

Kim said...

I bought a pair of New Balances the other day for my oldest for $20 and I had to put control myself not to buy the next two sizes up because they were such a good price.

Anonymous said...

Try having a boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Take one guess as to who I am? :)

Kathryn said...

I commend you on your shopping excursions. Not much to choose from here in this little town. Gotta venture out.
Oh...I hate shoe shopping...for my oldest and myself. Apparently she got the sensitivity to uncomfortable shoes that I have. Ain't wearin' it if it is uncomfortable. She has such narrow feet, unlike my wide ones.
We have been getting some great hand-me-downs for the past several years that have helped. The shoes are all worn in so they are soft and comfortable. But when I had to go buy her new winter church shoes this year I could hardly get her to keep anything on her foot to see if it really was uncomfortable before she said...nope that hurts.