Thursday, March 6, 2008

Livin' La Vida Loca (Did I spell that right???)

If only I could dance like Ricky Martin. What a crazy week...el weeko=el loco. Okay, so I took French in high school, not Spanish. Obviously. And what Texan (or Floridian) needs to know French? But on to our crazy week. Well, let's see. I will spare you further details on the sewage issue. It's fixed. Sort of. Still can't flush the master bath toilet when the washing machine is running. But that's how our crazy week started. It's been a great week, just nutty busy. We get our keys on Saturday and ask me how many boxes I've packed. Go ahead. "Heather, how many boxes have you packed?" Zero. Zilch. Nada. Call me crazy, but I don't feel that I need to pack. You see, I'm SO excited about this move, that I really will just run around like the Tasmanian devil when the time comes and it will just all be done before anyone can even blink. Uh huh. Don't believe me? Just wait. Tuesday I had an awesome surprise of A NIGHT OFF. Long story, but Cary was supposed to have a meeting that night at the church. Our pastor told him that day to NOT come to the meeting, but instead to stay home and take care of the girls and give me the night off while I had dinner with HIS wife. Yeah, he's WAY cool like that. We had planned to meet for dinner, but I was going to take the girls with me since Cary had a meeting. So he got out of his meeting and I got to have the night off. We ate at Brio, which they do have in TX, I know there's one in Southlake. It was AWESOME! And then we did a little shopping. And when I got home, Cary had done all the laundry for me. Wasn't that so sweet???!!! Oh and I also went back on birth control pills Tuesday. Don't ask. Long story. But watch out. They make me LOONEY! Mwa ha ha haaaaa! (That was my evil/crazy woman laugh.) Did I do it right Kim?

Wednesday, after picking Lexi up from school, we went to the park in our town, where there's a lake and sand and a huge playground and splash pad. It's awesome! Except for the gators. Okay, so I've never actually seen one there, but rumor is that there are plenty hiding out somewhere. And people swim there. Is that crazy? We went with our friend, Kristi, and her kiddos. They had a great time and we stayed for several hours. The weather was unbelievable! We had deep philosophical discussions (heeheee) and solved the world's problems. I'm being totally sarcastic by the way. Then I brushed the sand out of the girls' schliztes and we went to church. I really did. When I changed Ashton's diaper, I think a pound of sand fell out.

Today, Cary took the girls to a place about 2 hours away to check out a place for Junior Camp this summer. Which left me with 12 hours of whatever I wanted to do! I actually went to work for a few hours and then after a church event tonight, went to Target with a friend and walked down every freakin isle...because we could. It was wonderful. No one was throwing a fit on the floor (except for me when I saw my total at the register) and no one was pushing my cart into the shelves and no one was screaming for an icee. And then we went to sonic to get some bacon. I'm really not kidding. Well, I didn't eat bacon because I don't eat pork. But my friend wanted bacon. And now here I am! Typing. While the kitty cat lays across my arms purring. Have you ever typed with a cat holding down your arms? Picture that.

Oh and I started work this week, so I've been spending a little time each day at the office just learning stuff. It's been so fun! I love to work!!!

And tomorrow, well, more work, and babysitting, and oh, maybe I'll pack a few things. Have I mentioned how excited I am about moving????

And now you know all about our week. Our crazy week!


Kim said...

Man, TWO times out with a friend with no kids. Jealous. And you got to see my sister for an extended period of time.
I am coming down March 16-22.

oh, and you can do an evil laugh with either Bwa or Mwa at the beginning. Either are evil. Bwa ha ha ha... The Bwa at the beginning makes me think of an evil villian from old movies who has a curly mustache and a black cape.

Ashley said...

Sounds like you had plenty to do without your kiddos! I would LOVE even two hours away by myself but an hour into an outing, my husband is usually calling asking when I'm coming home! I don't think he could ever handle 12 hours! I'm so jealous!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I want you to tell us how you pack so quickly. Seriously, do you just throw everything into any box and organize as you are unpacking? I have a scrapbooking box and a pictures box and a sheets box. You get the picture. It takes me forever. I want to know what time you start packing and how long it takes you!

Kathryn said...

Hey you are only moving across town, right? I don't think you have to be as organized then. Throw stuff in a box that doesn't already of some sort of container and label what room it goes in. Then the stuff like clothes in drawers just stack the fully loaded drawers in the back seat. No need to unpack and pack those as far as I am concerned.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Steph: In answer to your question, it helps that I've moved 3 times in the last 2 years. That keeps the clutter to a minimum. Our closets and drawers have been cleaned out every time we've moved. And because we moved into such a small house, a lot of stuff didn't get UNPACKED at this house, so half of our kitchen is still packed up and sitting in the garage. Honestly, our plan this week is to move one room at a time, one room per night. And unpack as we go along. So one night, we'll do just the kitchen and get it all settled. Then the night night do the toys. And get them in their places. And so on. I think it's going to be pretty simple. Nothing like moving from TX to FL where I had to get it ALL IN ONE TRUCK and I didn't have the luxury of coming back later to get the rest.

mom2iande said...

I have moved one room at a time before and it really works because you get that one room just the way you want it before you move anything else in...may be an OCD way of moving, but it works.

Know what you mean about Target...we believe in dividing & conquering... If we all 4 go, we each take a kid & that means that I take "my kid" to the toy aisle while the hubby does the grocery shopping with the other. I get the fun part!

I hope the pills don't make you too crazy... I don't like them!

Have fun moving!!!

Mel :-) said...

Good luck with all the moving! It sounds like you have a good plan! Going room by room will make it easier to get it there and organized faster. :-)