Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Did ya miss me??? Well, we're about 75% moved. The inside of the old house is just about done, but it's the outside toys and garage that need some attention. I boycotted that project! That is not my domain. Can I just tell you what awesome friends we have? Let's start with my friend who lent me her trailer for the entire week. And today they lent us their OTHER trailer so we had two trailers workin' it! And then I had two other friends that came to my house today and just went to town on anything that still needed to be done. We had that place cleared out in no time. And then someone else watched my kids this morning and again tonight so we could finish up. I'm so blessed to be among such awesome friends! Oh, but my poor dear children. They're SO tired and have been such troopers all week. We have worn them ragged. Every night has been a late night and every morning has been an early morning. No one has napped. They're exhausted!

So moving one room at a time, nice and slow, is good, but moving is still moving. It is what it is! Yes, it's been nice to unpack along the way, but I've also been so busy every day with the events of the move, that I've managed to completely neglect the day to day chores that keep me sane, such as staying caught up on the laundry, cleaning my floors, grocery shopping, did I mention the laundry??? And I wish I could say there is not one single unpacked box in my house, but that is not the case. Until yesterday, we did manage to stay caught up and unpacked as we went along. But today was like a free for all...JUST THROW IT IN A BOX and put it somewhere! So I am feeling a bit grumpy right this second as my floors are filled with, well, let's call it what it is, shall we...DIRT, and my laundry is overflowing out of the laundry room, and there are about 30 boxes full of "just throw it in a box" kind of stuff placed randomly around the house, oh and someone pooped in the tub tonight (I mentioned how tired they are right???) so I must go rinse the gallon of bleach out of my tub that's been sitting there for the last hour.

And the internet guy must have misunderstood, "Please put the DSL line in that last bedroom, for "Please put the DSL line in the kitchen." ???? It only works in the kitchen, where there's nowhere to sit, and my achey legs and feet are about to give out. I hate moving. Of course it's all worth it in the end and I'm SO happy to be here, but the process is killer.


Ashley said...

Oh, I hate when the Laundry builds up and then it seem like a never ending battle!

However, like you said, it will all be worth it in the end! Sounds like things are going great and you and the girls will get the much needed sleep soon, remember that! (I can say that, I'm not the one who had poop in my tub last least I don't think so)

mom2iande said...

Yippee...the Texas Aggie is back. I really hate laundry...I do darks on Sunday night or Monday morning and whites either Wednesday night or Thursday morning and that is it. (the reason for the night or morning is so that it can be altered if there is a doctor's appointment on the morning or if I just want to do other stuff on the morning by doing it the night before).

Stephanie said...

Do I need to stop reading your blog until you are all settled in? I need to hear positive things about moving since we are planning on moving soon. You are usually my motivator! No, seriously, I think I hate moving so much because of those odds and ends that I'm not sure how to pack. Hope you finish soon.