Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are you suffering from withdrawals?

Has my lack of recent blog posting caused some of you to have 'Texas Aggies in FL' withdrawal? Okay, if so you need to get a life! I'm sort of kidding. A friend emailed me today and said, "PLEASE put SOMETHING on your blog, anything." Okay, so here goes something. Well, we've been gradually moving little by little, taking a few loads over each day. It's been nice and fairly smooth. The girls are loving it! Mommy is in PARADISE! And the pets are making an easy transition as well. My bubble bath last night lasted for over an hour! I don't have Internet at the new house yet. So I won't be back online officially till Friday. I just made a quick stop at the old house just now to potty and check email. Simultaneously! I know, too much info! Cary is an absolute mad man when it comes to packing. I've never seen him move so fast! And I'm a great unpacker, so we have a nice little system going. He packs at the old house while I unpack at the new house. And when he makes a delivery of more boxes, he picks up the empty ones that I've unpacked from and uses them to pack more! We're a great team!

Okay, so hang in there a few more days. I promise to be a better blogger come the weekend!

Did you know Internet is capitalized??? I just did a spell check and that was the only option. Who knew! Proper noun I guess?


Ashley said...

You're so smart! Yes, Internet and Web are both capitalized because there is only one "Internet" and only one "Web" as in World Wide Web, therefore both are capitalized because they are proper nouns.

As for the moving situation, you go girl! I'm glad you and your husband work so well as a team. When we were moving from our old house here in town, my husband let me do all the packing, then he PAID to have someone else load everything on the truck and unloaded it at the new house, then let me do all the unpacking! That's what he calls team work!

mom2iande said...

I had wondered about the Texas Aggie in Florida, but I did figure you were trying to unpack and move.

circus of love said...

I have to admit I have been missing you on the "Web". Glad to here it is all going well.

Rachel said...

How fun. Can't wait to see new pics when you are all moved in. So happy for y'all!!!!

Katy said...

Good luck with the rest of your move!