Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Birthday Girls

Three years ago today, I was praying feverishly, "Lord, PLEASE intervene here! They can share secrets, they can share clothes, they can share a room, but PLEASE don't make them share a birthday!!!" And the Lord, in his infinite wisdom (and a sense of humor) allowed my sweet Ashton to come 37 minutes after midnight, thus separating their birthdays by 2 years and 37 minutes! Yes, apparently July 4th produces 'sparks' in more ways than one, you do the math! Today was Lexi's 5th birthday and tomorrow, my little Ashton girl will be 3. I should also mention that today was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday Granny!!! And Ashton's new thing...every time she hears the word "birthday" she says, "cupcake? My cupcake?" She must have said it 20 times today! Because everywhere we went, Lexi announced that she was five today! On a sidenote, we went to Build a Bear today...GENIUS...why didn't I think of that? Such a freakin' gold mine, and yet so stinkin' cute all at the same time. But back to my girls...they are both so precious, so unique, so different, and yet so similar.
Oh, and can I just say, this is the THIRD year in a row that we have moved into a new house right before the birthdays??? And the year before that, I was giving birth! I'm praying for no more major life changes during next year's birthday season. And my birthday is in 3 weeks, if you care. Not that I want to get older. I had my first hot flash today. Don't laugh. I told you those pills bring out the crazy in me! I love birthdays, even if we never have $$$ for gifts! In fact, I didn't even give Lexi a present today, come to think of it. And she didn't even ask for a present. She just enjoyed the cupcakes and being treated like a Queen all day! (Don't worry, she'll get plenty of presents on Saturday at her party!)
Lexi, I am so proud of the little lady you have become. You ooze confidence these days. I love to see you stand up for your friends when they are being picked on. I love to watch you nurture you baby sister (when you're not trying to kill each other). You have the most amazing memory of anyone I've ever known, which totally comes back to bite me in the booty every now and then! Your creativity amazes me. Your songs of praise to Jesus that you make up off the top of your heard make my heart melt and are a joyful noise to His ear I know! You are such a daddy's girl, which makes it all the more special to me when you actually WANT my attention. And you are destined to be one heck of a Fightin' Texas Aggie one of these days!!! I love it that you love everything Aggie as much as I do. Well, all most as much as I do.
Ashton, my other sweet princess, you are certainly our walking talking miracle baby. You overcame so much in the womb just to be here, I know without a doubt that God has AMAZING plans in store for you girl! You are so cuddly and snuggly and I look forward to seeing your sweet little face every morning as we cozy up together before starting our day. You show such compassion for your friends and family. You are so funny, yet so serious all at the same time. You are so stubborn and hard headed and independent, yet I know God designed you that way in order to achieve His purpose in you. I like to call you my umbellical cord baby because you're always attached to me, no matter where we go, or how many things I'm trying to carry, you always find your way into my arms or are clinging on to my leg. You have the sweetest little voice and it's so fun to hear real words come out of those itty bitty lips.
I love you girls! Happy birthday my sweet princesses!


mom2iande said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the little princesses! I can't believe their birthdays are already here.

Doesn't five seem old? I was telling someone this week our son will be five this fall and I thought wow...five...I can't believe he is going to be that old in the fall.

So I can't believe you have a five year old.

I love the photos of both of them...very CUTE!

Mel :-) said...

I hope they both had wonderful birthdays!! My Girls turned 5 and 3 in the fall (Oct and Nov) so I know how you feel- where has the time gone?? Those pictures are sweet!

Ashley said...

Have a happy birthday beautiful girls! I hope you get treated like princesses all day long!!

tales_from_the_crib said...

wow, three!
you sure are getting olderish, well, than me anyhow.
happy birthed day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lexi and Ashton! I know that you will be treated like princesses.
Jacob and Emma and Sarah

It seems like yesterday when Emma and Lexi were born!!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday girls!