Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Could it be???

Could our house really be mad at us for moving out? First, the sewage problem last night. Since the plumber came, we suddenly now have a leak in the roof right outside of our bedroom. And the dishwasher just broke too. It's all just a tad bit strange if you ask me. Now, I know a HOUSE cannot really be mad at someone, but that ol' devil is trying his darndest to steal my joy, either that or God is just giving me that final peace of mind that we are doing the right thing by moving. Not that I needed any more peace of mind. And the devil ain't gonna steal my joy!


Kim said...

ooooh, ghost house. Bwa, ha, ha, ha!
I don't like it when houses start behaving badly. Be a good house!

Rhonda said...

You are super funny... when can you guys get moved?

Ashley said...

I think the house just has it's feelings hurt. It is just expressing it's sadness by being destructive. We all deal with loss in different ways! :)

mom2iande said...

that is funny. weird that happened just as you were about to move. just hurry....go....move in the new house before something else happens. you think you will miss the Johnny Cash neighbor and hsi bingo nights???

we still laugh about that one.