Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Thoughts

Will my children ever discover that the apples at McDonald's come with caramel? I wonder how long I can keep this secret from them.

Today, I saw an ad online that read, "Are you nursing material?" and I immediately thought it to be odd and uncomfortable and yet intriguing all at the same time. And then (a half hour later) I realized it meant nursing as in working in a hospital, wearing scrubs kind of nursing. Not the thing you do to feed your baby.

Don't ever attend a Christian women's conference unless you have "issues". If you have "issues" you may just find healing and encouragement there. However, if you don't have "issues" I assure you that "issues" will find you. In fact, perhaps having "issues" is contagious? If so I think I caught some this weekend. And why do they send the musicians with all the sad songs to a women's conference? I guess the men's conference down the road couldn't handle it! It's like they're in the business of making us cry, like we need help. I think they're in cahoots with the Kleenex company!

Today, Lexi said, "I'm never ever having a baby...not till I'm 13!"

Today at lunch, Ashton gagged on a piece of meat. When she finally got it out of her mouth and finished coughing, Lexi said, "Wow. I think she swallowed her uvula!" (That pink thing that hangs from the back of your throat, she's obsessed with it!)

Yesterday, Lexi got a gift from a friend and I guess Ashton felt left out and she wanted a gift too. But instead of laying on the floor having a pity party, which is what I would have done, she went and found a birthday gift bag and brought it to Daddy for him to give to HER and she said, "For me???" I thought that was very creative and resourceful and showed good self esteem. Or maybe I just have way too much time on my hands to analyze these things.

I took a picture today of Lexi with rollers in her hair, jewelry from head to toe, about to put on her very girly dress and shoes and lacy socks, and her bug catcher around her neck with real bugs in it that she caught herself. What's wrong with that picture?


tales_from_the_crib said...

too funnys...yeah, and i think you'd makeable great nursing material.

mom2iande said...

Those are all funny...especially the nursing one. I hadn't thought about it that way - I have seen that one before.

The minister that married us one time asked me when we hadn't seen each other in a long time...

"Are you still nursing?"
"I mean, are you still nursing?"
"I mean, nursing...are you still?"

I said, " Jack, I am still a nurse with that what you are trying to ask me???"

Anonymous said...

I have the funniest and yet smartest granddaughters in the world. I LOVE them.


laytonfamily said...

I found you off Circus Of Love's blog - and so enjoy reading your stuff. Therefore, I've tagged you! Since you just wrote about Random Thoughts - blog about 7 more!
nice to "meet" you!