Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can't Shake the Sadness

I've been in deep thought all day about Vanessa, whom I mentioned in yesterday's post. I guess I'm just still in shock. It seems so impossible that someone so alive and so full of life and so young could die so suddenly of something so awful. And this afternoon, my friend Stephanie (Aggieland Mommy) called to tell me the news of her mom's sudden passing. She died in her sleep today. My heart is so heavy for her and her family right now. Please lift up both of these families in your prayers. I can't imagine their grief and sorrow.


circus of love said...

It is so hard when we hear of unexpected losses. They are such a reminder of how we should make sure we are focusing on the most important things in life. I just prayed for those families and for you. And I leave you with the main think I took away from the book Captivating, "BE PRESENT NOW."
We've got to enjoy every precious moment with our hubbies and kiddos.
Speaking of precious moments...can't wait to see pics of your beautiful balerinas in their terrific tutus at their b-day party. I am still trying to figure out what we are going to do for Elijah's birthday on Sunday. I am still having trouble with the whole be present now thing and planning ahead..UGH!!!

circus of love said...

I'm also having trouble wtih typos...:P

The Phams said...

:( My heart grieves with you all. How tragic and sad. When Hettie's daughter died a few weeks ago it sent me into a mild depression so I understand COMPLETeLY how you feel.

I read about the girl at your church and that is heartbreaking. And I checked out your friend's blog and I can't believe all she going through, too (selling a house, new baby, premie, working, and now her mother). I wish I had the magic potion of words, but I don't. So I will pray! :)

Love ya....Jess

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the prayers Heather. It really meant a lot to me when I called you and you said you wanted to pray with me right away. I am at peace with my mom's passing, I know she is no longer suffering the back pain she had for over 20 years. I know she no longer has shortness of breath or sleep apnea. I just mourn for my children who won't be able to have their wonderful grandma watch them grow and love them. Thanks to your readers for their prayers too.