Monday, April 7, 2008

For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks...

Matthew 12:34b. Y'all gonna get a lil dose of Pastor Heather today. Whether you want it or not! This verse has been on my mind since I got up this morning. I heard it loud and clear when I got in the shower this morning. And I've been hearing it loud and clear in my head all day. Which makes me wonder, "God???? You tryin' to tell me something?" Of all the powerful words in the scriptures, this one is one of those IN YOUR FACE verses that will BRING.YOU.TO.YOUR.KNEES. Can I get an amen?

I saw an episode of King of Queens last week (my favorite show) where Doug and Carrie were fighting and this new program on her computer was recording and making a transcript of every word they said. When they printed it out the next day and read it, they were in complete shock at the words they had spoken to one another. They even called in a neighbor who was a marriage counselor and he told them they were beyond help! At the end of the episode, Carrie's dad had gotten a hold of the transcript and turned it into an on stage play at the senior center and they all enjoyed watching "their fight" acted out on stage. Hillariously funny episode, but my gosh, if a computer recorded a transcript of every word I spoke thoughout the day, Lord help the computer! I don't even want to imagine what I would read back.

Have you ever known a negative person? One who says nothing but critical, judgemental, negative, hurtful word after word after word and you just want to say...SHUT UP! I find myself being that person every now and then. I think I've been that person lately. Not the one saying SHUT UP, but the one being negative and judgemental. Psalms 64:3 says "They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their words like deadly arrows." OUCH! "Out of the overflow of the heart"...what does that mean? It means, what's 'down there' comes out in form of words. If you're an angry, bitter person, who deals with resentment and hurt and unforgiveness, others will know by the words you speak. Your words will be bitter and angry and hurtful and critical and negative. On the other hand, if you have joy in your heart (notice I didn't say happiness...happiness is circumstantial and will go is internal and ONLY comes from loving and serving your creator!!!) that joy will spill over from your heart to your mouth and your words will be like a pleasing aroma. "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24 How true is that? I have surrounded myself with many friends who lift me up with their words. They speak encouragement. Whether I deserve it or not. And I usually don't. And those are the people I find myself wanting to be around. (Not sure they want to be around me...that's a whole other blog entry!)

What do my words say about my heart when my husband, God love him, comes home from the store without the ONE ITEM I sent him there to get? Or what about when my child's teeny tiny hands have failed her once again and she drops her juice all over my freshly mopped floor for the 10th time that day?

Today at lunch, we ate with a family from our church and the husband told me that our daughter, Lexi, has been growling at their son every time she sees him at church. He asked his son, "Why do you think she does this?" And his son responded, "Maybe she learned it from her mommy." I truly hope not! My hope is that she learned that from our dog and not from me. But as I put this truth to practice and teach her this verse, I hope that her growls will quickly turn to puppy love or at least something nicer than a growl! And I hope her growls are not a reflection of what's in her heart, but rather a phase of acting like a dog...a phase that has lasted WAY TOO LONG in my opinion. (It was cute when she was 2, but now she's 5!)

As we start out this week, in the season of Spring where all things are made new, let's focus on this thought of renewing our hearts with JOY so that what comes out of our mouth will be pleasant rather than deadly. And let's focus on surrounding ourselves with others who also have joy in their hearts as attitudes tend to be contagious.


tales_from_the_crib said...

yep, yep.
heather is smart and stuff!
much more usefulled than "love god, play with blocks"

Rhonda said...

Wow... way to go Pastor Heather! Love you!

Mel :-) said...

What a great post- just what I needed to hear right now! I am dealing with friends who act that way and I try hard not to be like that right back. I am a much happier person when I surround myself with positive and happy people instead!
Again, thanks for the uplifing post- You need to do posts like these more often! :-D

Anonymous said...

Amen Pastor Heather!! Loved this post. It was a great start to my fun day of cleaning out closets. :)

Mel :-) said...

Ok reading that back the last line of my comment doesn't sound the way I intended- your posts are ALWAYS positive, that wasn't what I meant!! :-o This subject just really hit home for me right now... loved it!

circus of love said...

I have to really remember this verse when John is out of town and I am being SQUEEZED.

mom2iande said...

The post is true. It is sometimes hard to be positive when you are surrounded by negativity or... so it seems. I try to not be negative and see things in a good way, but somethings that is hard.

For the growling, don't feel bad...our 4 year old does it and thinks it is funny and I can't stand him doing it. He seems to do it at church or it feels like that is where he does it.

Anonymous said...

AMEN pastor Heather! You go girl!!!! You may be a better preacher than your husband.

I saw a sign today that said "Forgive someone today". I did not have to think hard, now I know for sure God wants me to forgive that person, especially since you reinforced the lesson.

As for the growl...Lexi does that because she likes to play like she is a dog, and that means she likes you. She does it to me also.

Love you guys and I praise GOD daily for what wonderful children I have and that He is Lord of thier life. We will be together forever!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Amen to that. You and I have talked about negative people before..(you know who the negative person is in my life) and your words are true.

Lauren growls too and it bugs me. She growls when she is frustrated and we've been trying to teach her that it's not nice.