Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay, it's time I get something off my chest. This whole facebook craze...RETARDED!!!!! I mean reeee.taaaaar.ded! I think facebook is the dumbest concept ever. Let me tell you why I have such feelings of negativity towards this very popular site. For starters, If you want to send me a message, just email me for heaven's sake. Why would I want to LOG IN to yet another online account to send a message or read a message I could have read or sent while checking my email? Furthermore, I thought the purpose of facebook was to put pictures on there, but no one even puts pictures on there. Can someone please tell me the purpose of facebook? Is it like how we had yahoo messenger in the 90's and in the 00's we have facebook? What next? Cause I still really kind of like yahoo messenger. Is that old school? Cause if so, I'm old school. (And my yahoo ID is hmjaggie if you'd like to messenger me!) They just send people flowers and "poke them" and tell what they're doing right this second and have a popularity contest to see how many friends they can accumulate, even if they don't even know the person they just added as a friend. I'm sorry to have to rant about this, but I just really hate facebook, can you tell? That said, if you'd like to add me as your friend on facebook, please send me an EMAIL. . Because after all, I'm all about giving in to peer pressure and I don't want to look like a big fat loser on that site nor do I not want to participate in the latest craze, so I'm on a quest to find facebook friends, even if I don't really know them in person. I shall take over the facebook empire with all of my popularity. Mwa-ha-ha. That was the evil laugh and I'm typing with my evil eye right now. Does anyone else look at their facebook friends' friend lists and compare their number of friends to your number of friends? Is this just me? Because I think I'm still in the 20 something range of friends, which by facebook standards is LOSERVILLE! But the majority of my friends aren't on facebook, nor do they blog, nor do they read my blog, nor do they care about technology because they're too busy doing productive things like, oh you know, RAISING THEIR CHILDREN! Which is what I should be doing right now. Gotta run!


Kim said...

Will you be my friend? I, like, have 91 friends and if, like, you become my friend, then I will have, like, 92 friends and then, like, you could, like, be in my Top Friends. Then I could Superpoke you and Throw Stuff at you. It'll be, like, so WEIRD!

circus of love said...

For some reason I have to check Facebook, Myspace, my email, my blog and all my friends blogs at least once a day, usually more. It is an addiction. And I don't get much play on myspace or facebook so it is a waste of time. But for some reason I feel like I have to keep up with John...I actually have "friends" on facebook that I taught when they were 2nd graders. That was 10-13 years ago...AGGHH!!! John connects with students from all over the US on his myspace and facebook because they go add him after he does camps and events and stuff. So that is actually kind of cool.

It used to be that High school and Middle School did Myspace. Did you know Facebook was actually only for college students at first. I suppose then people started graduating from college and they wanted to keep doing it. Then us old school people got sucked in and now everyone has one.

Rhonda said...

I like myspace much better. I have pictures on there! :) I just don't really get the appeal of facebook either. I think it is GREAT for people with out much to do. If you work or have kids or both... it is a momentary indulgence. I haven't checked either in weeks, but when i do it is kinda fun to see who may have popped up out of obscurity and found me! (LORD Knows I haven't ever found someone... I may be lazy!)

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Okay, Kim, seriously, 91??? You must be like 21. Cause only people that young could possibly know 91 people on facebook.

Kathryne: I did now know that about it being a college site. Interesting!

Rhonda: Sister! you have a Myspace page? Really? Did not know this.

You know, I am who I am. I hate facebook. What can I say? The whole bloggin' thing works for me. So if that makes me an old fuddy duddy, so be it.

mom2iande said...

I have to say I LOVE Facebook...I have found friends on there that I went to Elementary School with, church, and work with. I do add photos on mine for my friends/family to see. We talk to people at night after the kids go to bed on there while I read my friends blogs and I perhaps either touch up photos or work on digital/paper scrap booking stuff.

Personally, I have several friends on there...I have to admit that although some are friends that I have known since childhood and some are friends I know currently through work/church that are my good friends, I would rather just have a few close friends on there. I mean, those are probably your really good friends, right? I do, on the other hand, like that the friends I haven't seen in a long time that are on there I am able to talk to and keep up with on there.

The applications drive me and my hubby a little batty, but some of them we like. I try to keep mine clean...I use the wall with my friends and comment on photos the most.

Does this all make sense? I love all my friends and being able to talk to them and see their most recent photos and comment on the photos. I love seeing photos of the little Texas Aggies on there, too....sooooo don't stop putting the photos on there!

mom2iande said...

I did have a suggestion about the annoyance of having to log in every time to Facebook...I keep my page bookmarked on my tool bar with my favorite sites I like to go to each day and I only occasionally have to log in.

ps. I wrote on your you have to log in ;o)

Karen said...

I have a myspace and LOVE IT much better than blogging actually! You can't have a blog, Facebook and not have a myspace!! There's just too much too keep up with!!

Mel :-) said...

Yeah...I am NOT a myspace-er or a facebook fan!! They just aren't for me!! I will stick to bloggin' that is about all I have time for! ;-) It works for me and I love it, if that is old-school- so be it! :-D

Pham-ly Time said...

That's how I feel about myspace. YUK! But I have 149 friends - including you. And I would say that all but 10 have pictures and most update regularly. I check it every so often, but have found it a great way to stay in contact with peeps from years ago.

When is that ballerina party? Are you still going to shop and eat with me when I get there?

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I echo every sentiment. I HATE having to log in to read a stupid email. I have kids being ignored as it is, people. Time is money.

But let's be honest. The reason we don't get the facebook thing is, well.

It's because we're

too old

Ouch, I'm sorry, I tried to be gentle.