Monday, April 28, 2008

My View From Over the Laundry Pile Looking Out the Kitchen Window As I Multi-task My Way To Tomorrow

This evening as I'm standing in my kitchen folding the never ending pile of laundry, looking out my back window, here's what I see. Two BEAUTIFUL angels, one with bedhead and a saggy diaper (pantless), jumping on the trampoline. Smiles as big as Texas spread across their faces. Lexi is teaching Ashton her new trick of falling on her bottom then hopping right back up to her feet on the next bounce. She's quite proud of it. She's also very proud of that black eye, which she got on the trampoline! Uh huh, I did say black eye. Picture day at school is Wednesday. Figures! Every 5 minutes they come inside for water and track dirt onto my freshly mopped floors. But I'm trying REALLY HARD to not let that steal my moment of precious admiration. And after the 5th time, I carried the water OUTSIDE to them! Oh and Lexi just put my bluetooth on her ear and is pretending she works at a drive thru window. She's serving Ashton pretend food. Now that's funny! Behind the trampoline is my very wonderful husband doing something people just don't do in this neighborhood...YARDWORK! I'm sure we're turning heads today. I can see the headlines in the homeowner's association May newsletter already..."New Tennants Do Their Own Yardwork...with a PUSHMOWER"! Seriously. People just don't do that around here. Everyone has lawn service. And for only $70 bucks/month, why not? But we're still too frugal for that! I mean, that's 14, $5 footlongs from Subway! The one guy across the street that DOES do his own yard uses a riding mower. Must be nice. Oh well, he doesn't go to the gym. He has to build those muscles somehow right? And standing at the back door, barking at everyone and everything in the yard is my sweet Candice girl. She's saying in her own little doggie way, "Mommy, those little people are jumping on our trampoline and that crazy guy is messing up all my poop!"

There's a country song that I LOVE by Lonestar called "From the Front Porch Looking In" and it's all about how he's traveled the world and seen the most beautiful places and scenery, but there's nothing more beautiful than the site he sees when he comes home and sees his family from the "front porch looking in". Here are the lyrics to the chorus: "There's a carrot top that can barely walk with her sippy cup of milk. A little blue eyed blond with shoes on wrong cause she likes to dress herself. And the most beautiful girl holding both of them, that's the view I love the most, from my front porch looking in." And that song pretty much describes what I'm thinking right this second, except I guess my song would be more like "My View From Over the Laundry Pile Looking Out the Kitchen Window As I Multi-task My Way To Tomorrow". And somewhere in my song would be the line, "Honey, can you come out and scoop the poop so I can mow the backyard?"

Now I must get back to that laundry pile before it takes over my house!


Anonymous said...

My girls are so much fun, I wish I was there to learn Lexi's new trick with her. I love playing with these girls, and we have had a lot of fun in the past on the trampoline. The laundry will be there tomorrow, go out an enjoy your girls and create some memories.


Stephanie said...

Sweet moments! By the way...that Lonestar song was popular when Lexi was born. I introduced Stephen to it when we met and he heard it over and over at work and was forced to think of me and look where we are now! I hope you did what your mom said!

laytonfamily said...

I love your comment on lawncare - we must live in the same community. Out of 12 houses on the street, we're the only ones outside PUSHING our mower back and forth! We've even been told by neighbors we "should" get lawncare and not bother doing it ourselves!
Thanks for being abnormal with us!

Mel :-) said...

I completely agree with you! :-) It is like Kenny Chesney sang in another great country song- "That's the Good stuff!" :-)

Katy said...

I haven't heard that song, but it sounds sweet! we also do our own yardwork and it is such an accomplishment once it's finished! Hope the black eye goes away soon!

tales_from_the_crib said...

we live in that same community toos! you should see the neighbors lookable when me and mom spread mulch lastermonth.